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Deadpool was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2016. As one of Marvel's most comedic and well-known superheroes, his film has been eagerly awaited for many years. There were a lot of expectations as he was such a big comic-book favourite for a great film. If it met expectations, it could potentially be one of the biggest films of the year.

With such a great marketing campaign, nearly everyone knew about the film's release. In fact, it was marketed as a romance film in some posters to draw in a wider audience. However, it was the fans of comic book Deadpool that really had high expectations of the film.

Promotional poster for 'Deadpool'
Promotional poster for 'Deadpool'

Because it was such a comic book hit, the expectations for Deadpool were certainly very high. The story of the film centers around the explanation of how Deadpool got his powers, and him trying to return to normal. However, the film uses a flashback to show the progression of the character and interest the audience more.

One of the biggest things people wanted from Deadpool was his sense of humour. In the comic books, Deadpool was always given a comedic and confident personality that wasn't exactly PG-13. Many fans were worried that the film might take away a lot of this in order to give it a lower rating and draw in more fans.

However, Deadpool was just as dirty-minded and foul-mouthed as always. The humour was exactly as we'd wanted, with lots of adult jokes and swearing. From "Shit! Did I leave the stove on?" to "I'm touching myself tonight.", the humour didn't disappoint.

Another thing that fans desperately wanted to see was Deadpool's trademark fourth-wall breaks. One of the things 'the Merc With the Mouth' is best known for is breaking the 'fourth wall' and talking directly to the reader and making jokes about the plot or other characters. This film had several fourth wall breaks, including a fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break, which Deadpool called "A sixteenth wall break".

The film had plenty of violence and gore, including one moment when he even cut off his own hand. As you can imagine, his twin swords dealt quite the damage, and the film producers certainly didn't worry about showing off too many guts.

A lot of people wondered, after the disastrous events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, if Deadpool would be put in the same universe as the current X-Men. In fact, in this film, Deadpool teamed up with two of the X-Men, Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. It didn't feature any of the original cast, but Deadpool pointed out in the film that the filmmakers couldn't afford any other of the X-Men.

Because it's set in the same world as the X-Men franchise, a lot of fans hoped to see a crossover in the future. However, the producers (understandably) have given this idea a definitive 'no'. Should Deadpool ever feature in an X-Men film, he would have to be censored a lot as X-Men films are children-friendly, and Deadpool certainly isn't. Perhaps we could see more X-Men in future Deadpool sequels, though. It would be interesting to see him confront Wolverine.

The storyline for this film wasn't amazing, but I doubt anyone went to the cinema to see Deadpool with an amazing storyline at the top of their priorities. That's not to say that the plot was bad, but it wasn't particularly enthralling. However, the producers more than made up for this with incredible humour and and great characters.

Overall, Deadpool did meet the high expectations of the fans. The anti-hero was brought to the screen just as we'd hoped, and the comedy was what we paid for. Here's to a great Deadpool 2.


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