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There have been so many 'Frankenstein' movies, recently. I haven't seen the 'Frankenstein' starring both James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliff, but this movie was so great, and should've gotten more attention.

'Frankenstein' has been made multiple times using the same back story and showing more of the Doctor's point of view during the whole experiment and creation of his monster. In this 2015 film, they show the point of view from "the monster's" eyes and how it would feel to be isolated and confused.

The cast is what got me most interested in the film, you have Danny Huston as Viktor Frankenstein. Viktor's wife Marie is played by Carrie-Anne Moss and "the monster" aka: Adam played by Xavier Samuel. These are all very well-known names I had never even heard of it until I did research on Xavier Samuel.

The story is something you haven't seen before, Adam is a man but has the mind of a child. Refuses to eat real food and demands to have his bottle of milk. Marie has a weakness for Adam expressing love for him as if he were her own child. Though in a way he is, the bond is much different.

As soon as they start to think the experiment is working, Adam begins to develop rashes and scarring all over his face. Of course, Viktor looks at this as a failure and tries to put Adam down. Things begin to backfire and Adam starts to become invincible.

Leaving him for dead, he goes out into the world to find answers that were kept from him, leaving him with just a picture of Marie whom he believes is his mother. Watching him go out into the world was heartbreaking and exciting. He's invincible so you see him go through tremendous torture and things of that nature just to not feel anything at all.

I don't want to give too much of the movie away because the events are what makes the story that much more precious and authentic. Seriously one of a kind and I highly recommend it. Watch the trailer below to judge if you might like it.




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