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(There will be spoilers for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead)

I've been a huge Walking Dead fan since midway of the second season. I love how crazy Rick has become in recent seasons and Michonne is one of the most interesting characters on television (she's terribly under written). I celebrated when my favorite facial hair, Abraham, shouted the classic line 'Who's Negan/Deanna?'

This show builds anticipation at the start of every new season and then it dwindles down into boring subplots, that I find hard to care about. Then right at the mid-season break episode, it delivers a grand episode and I'm hooked once more. Yet, this mid-season episode was the definition of anticlimactic. i wasn't impressed and I know that it's one of the highest rated shows on television. I don't watch shows just because they're popular, I watch them to be entertained!

Doesn't he look like the doctor from the RV?
Doesn't he look like the doctor from the RV?

All of a sudden they're back from break and the writers got rid of all the dead... weight, that's been holding the show back to some degree. Then the second episode introduced us to an awesome ninja named Jesus (with his appearance on The Talking Dead looks like he's going to be around next season)! Then the third episode gave us a reason why they're going to go war with a guy they know nothing about! Here's three more reasons why Jesus and Negan saved The Walking Dead from staleness!

1. Fear the Walking Dead Now Has More Potential

Wait, this is what I thought after that abhorrent episode back before Christmas. Now, Jesus knows of other settlements that most likely are paying The Saviors the same deal they made with Gregory. This finally opens up the show to a string of interesting possibilities and maybe a huge war next season against Negan.

I mean the outcome for our crew looks extremely dire, because you don't just tease a villain like Negan. I honestly felt like the writers were treading water until the arrival of Negan this past half-season. Fear the Walking Dead promised to take us out to sea and all of us who theorize about sailing to an island, we might see what it will look like!

2. Actual Threat of the Beginners Dying

I mourned Glen's death and then you bring him back, when you're the second most ruthless show on television (C'MON). There's no way that Lucille's scene in the comics will take place with Glen now. Yet, you can best believe he's going to kill Daryl Dixon and there will be riots everywhere!

Wait, maybe it will be Morgan instead when Carol betrays him? I don't know and that's awesome, this makes me almost feel as excited to find out Zoom's identity in The Flash. There's only one person as of now, that's not going to die and that is Rick 'Mother Lovin' Grimes'!

3, An Organic Way to Introduce More Characters

There will be a point in this zombie apocalyptic waste land, when you see someone you don't know and you just shoot them. This makes sense, the longer you're in this world, more horrible things you will witness.

So, trying to introduce new characters will prove extremely difficult to do in a matter-of-fact way. This opens the door for so many intriguing possibilities of romance, betrayal, and Abraham asking 'Who's (insert name)!


I've read only a select few of the comics, mainly because I just rather watch the show and I rather read Marvel/DC comics (hey, it's my opinion). I'm actually about to start watching The Walking Dead right when it starts at 9, instead of doing something else and watching it when the time suits me!

I am looking forward to Maggie's impending baby drama and I am curious to see if the whole Sasha/Abraham thing will work out. I most definitely curious about the Rikchonne relationship and if it will last the rest of season. I seriously am brimming with excitement to see the group take on Negan. Last thing, I really hope that Morgan's role in the group will increase, because I love watching his sweet Donnatellian staff skills!

The Walking Dead is on AMC on Sundays @9 P.M(Eastern Time).


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