ByAllyson Deneau, writer at
Allyson Deneau

So there are so many things that happened in this movie like love,family,friends,heartbreak.lots of thing that people maybe screamed at the Tv from or laptop.But there were so many love things going on like Clace Sizzy Malec.

Love is maybe hard in the Shadow World but people come to love each one but so don't come to love a person because they had never felt love in there life but now they might.Clary and Jace had something like in the books and the movie.They had true love in there heads that all they both can think of.Love is hard but you some times need to fight for it to.

Ever if they are brother and sister i still ship it.No one well forget this.

Or this.

But love is Hard but they made it as brother and sister for the rest of there lives.


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