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Yesterday, EA Dice released two videos highlighting some of the cool stuff we can expect in their upcoming follow up to their hit game Mirror's Edge. The first video is called 'Movement' and it's exactly what it says on the tin. It shows how movement is going to be handled in Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

A lot of fans of the original game will see some familiar stuff here, but EA Dice says there are a few new features to look forward to. There's the Shift ability which gives you a burst of acceleration in any direction and gadgets like the Magrope, which latches on to specific points in the game. This nifty little gadget will open up new lines of travel as you blaze a path through the rooftops of the city.

The "Combat" video shows off how Faith will be fighting off her enemies in the new game. The developers are stating that fluidity will be the biggest factor in combat in this new installment with the introduction of Flow and Focus.

Focus builds up when Faith remains in motion and enemies can't hit her when she's in Focus but losing Focus makes enemy attacks a bigger threat. When in full Focus, Faith moves into the Flow state, which gives her heightened awareness and gives the player the ability to do new and more powerful moves to dispatch their enemies without using a gun.

The original Mirror's Edge is a tough act to follow, but it looks like EA Dice is building up to something that might surpass its predecessor. As an avid fan of the first game, I'm honestly looking forward to this next installment.

'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst' will be available for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 24th.


Are you excited for 'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst'?

Source: Polygon & Mirror's Edge


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