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After her Golden Globe-winning performance as The Countess on FX's American Horror Story: Hotel last year, plenty of fans are eager to see the glamorous Oscar-nominated entertainer come back for another season.

Much like the fans of the show, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy also wanted Gaga back for a second round. After working with her for Season 5, Murphy quickly extended another invitation for her to become a regular in his talented cast of characters:

For months Gaga has been quiet about whether she'll appear in the next season, but today she finally broke her silence when talking to the radio show Z100. When asked if she has accepted Murphy's invitation, she hesitated and finally confirmed her highly anticipated return.

She quickly tempered our expectations by adding, "I can't promise you how or when, or anything like that." But her "yes" is reason enough to get excited for American Horror Story Season 6.

In true Murphy style, everything from the topic to the cast will likely be kept under wraps until just before the show's premiere date, when some mysterious promotional materials are usually released.

Until then, we'll just have to keep a weather eye on American Horror Story to find out more. In the meantime we can rejoice in the fact that the two powerhouse women, Lady Gaga and Angela Basset, will be back!

What theme do you want to see 'American Horror Story' tackle this year?

(Source: Z100)


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