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Andrew Thompson

The Beginning

Back in June, I was Commissioned to create this blu-ray cover for Terminator: Salvation. Finally, I got a freelance job that was exactly what I wanted. I've always idolized Drew Struzan and other movie poster artists so this was a dream come true.

Next Steps

For anyone familiar with the film, it's the only Terminator film to not actually have Arnold in it. Christian Bale plays John Connor and Sam Worthington plays yet another hybrid (He is a human cyborg). How many movies is he going to be half human and half something eles?? Avatar...Terminator...Clash of the Titans...

Anyway, I wanted to play off of that since it is such a HUGE part of the story. That eventually led me to play up the contrast between a human skull and a Terminator Skull, but how was I going to seamlessly connect them? A glitch!

After that, I quickly sketched out a rough idea and sent it for approval. Once approved, I began to finalize the work. I started with two traditionally inked drawings, scanned them in, and eventually colored it all digitally.

Original sketch that was submitted for approval
Original sketch that was submitted for approval

While scanning, I decided to create my glitch manually rather than use the liquify tool or some other photoshop trick.

Manually created glitch effect.
Manually created glitch effect.

The End?

Fast forward to now, and I have a copy of the blu-ray (unfortunately it was not released in the US. It might still happen but for now, it's only available in Germany.) Since I can finally post this to my portfolio I thought I'd share it and a fun little video I put together of the "process". Check it out and some of my other Youtube videos on my channel!

Thanks so much for reading / watching!

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