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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

My brother and I were able to see The Revenant opening day and we quite enjoyed it! The movie was visually stunning and it made you feel like you were actually there!

Though it was a great movie, both of us felt that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't going to get an Oscar for his performance. We even joked about how he was coached on how to get an Oscar by saying very little in the movie like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Which we both found it ironic that The Revenant was basically Castaway set in the west during the harsh winter, instead of on an island in the blistering heat.

Which then gave my brother an awesome idea! What would happen if the Bear from The Revenant was given subtitles?

And this is what we got:


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