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It was a lovely March day in sunny Croydon, England when I woke up late for college and in a rush. Had a marvellous drama lesson then a break. I tend to go onto the computer during my break and go on a website I enjoy very much...ComingSoon.Net (every movie-buff knows this website, if you don't…where have you been?). Anyway, I came across a story that Green Lantern is not appearing in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which I already knew), but then I came across that the iconic character is NOT going to appear in Justice League: Part One, released in 2017.

First of all, I'm not overly hyped over Batman vs. Superman. I think a lot of the events in the film were shown in trailers, like the introduction of Doomsday. I think it's gonna be a good film, I'm definitely going to enjoy it, but I know what is going to happen. Maybe Zack Snyder took notes from James Cameron's book and show EVERYTHING IN THE TRAILERS!!! God!

But this is one thing I'm pissed off about. Green Lantern is not going to be in the first Justice League movie. Has Snyder lost his marbles!?! I mean, this character made the number 10 list of the greatest superheroes of all time on Green Lantern, whilst being one of my favourite superhero characters, is an iconic character in the DC Universe, how could he not be mentioned? Now I like DC movies...The Dark Knight, Man of Steel…brilliant, loved them all. I'm probably one of the 1% of people that liked Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern movie in 2011. But I just don't understand, how could you not include a character in the Justice League. That's like not including Thor in The Avengers or Steve Harvey in Family Feud, the character has to go in.

In conclusion, I think it's a really bad move keeping Green Lantern out of the first Justice League movie. I just can't see why they would do that, to a character that is just awesome. He can fly and can make anything he wants from a bloody ring, come on. I trade that in any day.

We already know about a Green Lantern movie that will be released in 2020, which I am SO pumped for, called the Green Lantern Corps (I think). I think it will be a very interesting movie, I don't mind if they get someone young in but they need to be good. Thing is, I don't want to follow the Hal Jordan story, we already saw that in 2011 and a lot of people don't want that to happen again. I would want to follow John Stewart's story (picture above). It's completely different and it will be a fun story to get behind.

But who to cast? That's where I'm gonna leave it to you. Tell me who you think should be the next Green Lantern. Could be anybody, from Harrison Ford to Tom Holland, it doesn't matter at all. I just want to hear your views. Also tell me if you agree or disagree with my views and why? I want to hear from you lovely people!

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