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After the death of the mad Maniax leader and Arkham Asylum patient Jerome Valeska in Gotham's Season 2, we saw a number of people taking on his Joker-esque laugh and love of all things chaotic.

Although Cameron Monaghan's understated portrayal of the Joker was brilliant, it looks like we might soon be seeing a more amplified take on the DC character.

Today, Fox released a set of stills teasing the upcoming episode "This Ball Of Mud And Meanness," which features a new character sporting a pretty familiar smile.

Lori Petty (Orange Is The New Black) will reportedly be taking on the role of a mysterious character named Jeri in the March 14 episode.

Plastered on her face is an eerie smile and pale makeup. She's also rocking a cropped 'do that looks to be tinted slightly green. Maybe it's just a trick of the light, but I'm still hoping we'll get to see all of the madness and mayhem of the Joker in Gotham.

At the very least, she looks the part of another copycat Joker or someone inspired by Jerome. And if she isn't Gotham's real Joker, we're left wondering if and when the iconic supervillain will make an appearance in the series.

The episode 'This Ball Of Mud And Meanness' will air on 'Gotham' on March 14


Do you think Jeri will be 'Gotham's' version of the Joker?



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