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Spirituality is a huge part of our world, an aspect of which Hollywood has taken that and ran with. There is a ton of faith based films. Weather it's super direct, or relies on undertones, they are out there. Some are good, some not so much. But that's okay because they all carry a great message. So I am here to tell you about six of the best faith based films!

6: Courageous

This Sherwood Pictures and Affirm Films collaboration was a huge success in the film industry. The Kendrick Brothers (Sherwood Films) and David AR White (Pure Flix) really are the faces of christian films. This movie follows a few different men, each going and dealing with there own demons. Some that were already there when the movie started, and some were produced and you watch it happen. Not a happy go lucky film, it's dark, it has its time where you'll want to turn it off. But you don't, you're too involved and need to see where it goes.

5: The Encounter

A Pure Flix original, this movie is one of my favorites! A bunch of strangers end up in a very randomly placed restaurant in the middle of nowhere during a terrible rain storm. Only one person works at the diner, and he claims to be the one and only Jesus. All skeptical, everyone doesn't know what to do; stay with the nut job, or leave and endanger themselves. The longer they stay, the more they realize, maybe this guy is legit. He tells them the food they are most craving, he knows what is what their biggest regrets, fears, and worries are. A great film to watch when you feel as though you are lost and don't know what to do.

4: Revelation Road Series

Another Pure Flix flick, this is a take on what the book of revelations would look like. Following an ex military guinea pig, David AR White plays a guy who can feel no emotions, and not believe in any higher power, due to a experiment the government did on him years ago. While his wife and daughter waiting for him at home, the rapture happens, sort of. He then goes through a bunch of different adventures through the whole series. It's a three movie series, with hopefully more to come.

3: Facing The Giants

This Sherwood Pictures movie, made by the Kendrick brothers, is one of many football christian movies. But this one stands as one of the best christian football movies and one of the best christian movies period. A high school football coach is about to lose his job given the state of which the football team is performing. With a mix of that and his wife not being able to bare a child, this man is at the end of his rope. With no where else to turn, he prays. That's it, he just prays. Then he puts to work what he was told. Not going to spoil what happens, but lets just say, things change.

2: God's Not Dead

This is the last Pure Flix movie on this list I promise. Probably Pure Flix most known movie, starring Good Luck Charlie actor Shane Harper, is a college freshman. He joins a philosophy class which has a very atheist teacher. It's all fine until said teacher (played by Kevin Sorbo) requires every student to write "God is Dead" on a piece of paper. Not compliant, Shane's character refuses. The teacher then offers him a challenge, to try and prove God exists to the class. Accepting the challenge, Shane's character is confronted with the issue of his girlfriend breaking up with him, and the weight on his shoulders of the situation he was put in just because of his faith. With the soundtrack done by the Newsboys, this is one movie anyone, believer or not, can sink their teeth into.

1: Passion Of The Christ

Obviously this was going to be the number one pick! Directed, written, and produced but the controversial Mel Gibson, this movie is following the last twelve hours of the King of Kings. The most biblically accurate interpretation of Jesus's story, this is one of very few R rated Christian movies. When watching this movie, you really need to pay attention, because it is so accurate it isn't in English! It has subtitles that you have to read to know what everyone is saying. This has flashbacks, and covers from before the last super to the resurrection. Similar to God's Not Dead this is a movie anyone can watch, and can bring even the toughest man to tears seeing what Jesus went through.

What do you think? What's your favorite christian movie? Let us know down in the comments.


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