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I was reading a list of 10 things that most people don't know about the DC comics character Nightwing. I'm already a big fan of him, and this list only made me like him more.

It got me thinking, why is Nightwing only in animated TV and comic books, he would make a great character in a live action TV series or movie.

This next part is mostly intended for the creators and writers of Arrow. Nightwing would be a great fit for that show. His city, Bludhaven has been mentioned more than once, and Oracle's name, his, girlfriend/partner in crime fighting, also got thrown around. He could be introduced as a potential donor to Oliver's mayoral campaign as a representative of Bruce Wayne. Or, as I learned in the aforementioned list, he is rich in his own right. His acrobatic style of fighting would look great on screen and his flippant personality would compliment Oliver's more serious nature well. I personally have the dream that he will get into a relationship with Thea, Oliver's sister, but that's just me. And then who knows? He might spin off into his own show, like the Flash. Or maybe the CW is tapped out of DC comics TV shows.

The biggest reason, at least to me, that he hasn't been on Arrow or anything live action is his name. Dick Grayson, his first name has a different connotation now than when he was first created. I know I'd be willing to overlook that though.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on a super hero I love. If anyone knows any rumors about Nightwing being anywhere, I'd love to hear about it.


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