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You would think that living in the 21st century that racism and sexism would have died. Well, with the invention of the internet it seems to prevail even stronger when you can anonymously spout out your ideas. One movie that seems to be targeted by sexism is the new Ghostbuster's movie being released. Why so much hate for a movie that just released a trailer?

Paul Feig has taken on the franchise of Ghostbuster's to bring it back to life. Hardcore fans squirmed as it was announced that it would be an all female cast. I am not going to lie, I was a bit upset too in the beginning only for the fact that I had loved the original cast. Its one thing to be upset like that and another to hate the film specifically because of female leads.

Its not like there wasn't ample opportunity for the original cast to comeback for a final movie. Dan Aykroyd tried for many years to get a sequel made but due to Bill Murray not wanting to return and the recent death of Harold Ramis it seemed to be doomed. Now with Paul Feig getting in control and a complete turnaround of the cast, its back in the action.

So why are people so upset about this being an all female lead? Get mad that they are making yet another sequel to a franchise. Get mad that its going to be a corny summer comedy. Don't get mad that its a female cast. They are trying new ingredients in an old formula. It might be the worst comedy every to be made or if you shake off your hate for one second you might enjoy a summer popcorn movie. Don't blame this on the girls, blame the audience for wanting a sequel made for over 20 years. They listened, but you know Hollywood has its own plans.

So lets take the sexism out of this debate. Maybe it won't be your favorite film. Here is the thing, this movie isn't made for you. This movie is being made for a younger audience than the people who grew up watching the originals. You as an older fan may hate it, but I guarantee the 15-20 year old's are probably going to love it. Perhaps its time we let go of what we want and try to see if this works through fresh eyes. Of course it will never take the special place in your heart that the original movies had but lets see if these funny girls can overcome the odd's.


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