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Collins Vincent

Film-to-TV adaptations are coming left and right as the market for cable television continues to capitalize on the trend of bringing big-screen stories to the small-screen. Fans of Liam Neeson probably remember the Taken films and how Brian Mills had a particular set of skills that would make any kidnapper or terrorist freeze in their tracks. It now appears that we will soon learn how Mills acquired these skills, since NBC has a Taken Prequel TV series in development and they've already cast the lead actor and a few of the supporting characters.

Here's the basic information about the show:

Taken is a modern-day prequel to Luc Besson’s blockbuster feature franchise that starred Liam Neeson as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills on a one-man mission to save his kidnapped daughter. The series will depict how a young Bryan develops his particular set of skills.

It's interesting to see that Luc Besson is leading the charge for this series since he was responsible for TV adaptations based on films like Nikita and The Transporter. However, those adaptations didn't have the backing and support of a major network like NBC. It's important to note that some audiences have a slight aversion to prequels that they view as unnecessary, but a prequel tv series about how Bryan Mills obtained his particular set of skills sounds more like a dream than a nightmare for viewers after how underwhelming Taken 3 was. The show is putting together a great cast and the network even managed to snag the producer of Homeland to serve as writer and show-runner for the project. So far this is shaping up to be one of the most interesting projects in development for cable television. More to come as info becomes available.


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