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Does that above trailer look like product placement and late 1980's cheese? That is because it is. Do not get me wrong here, I can be a sucker for these types of films if they have a good payoff in the end or some drive toward a decent story. What made me happy watching this film, is that it does exactly that. Fred Savage has always had that little-kid charm to him and the supporting cast around him all serve a purpose toward this story. As his little brother Jimmy has the goal of getting to California, his talents of being a nintendo master surface.

As three kids embark on a road trip to California, where the world championship nintendo games are being held, other stories from their past come to fruition. Now, the main story is as cheesy as it sounds, but when the gut punch comes, getting you emotionally invested in a particular character, "The Wizard" becomes slightly surprising. I am not trying to praise this film or call in great in any regard, but it is a serviceable story with more heart than you'd expect. "The Wizard" is a fine time.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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