ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

So the news is out, that there could be a ''Death wish'' film remake. with Hollywood action star Bruce Willis. Most fans like myself remember the Ground Breaking 1974 film Starring the late Charles Bronson as the Vigilante character Paul Kersey. who loses his wife and Daughter to Gang rape. The first film spawned a franchise of ''Death Wish'' sequels directed by Michael Winner.

However, in my opinion i don't think Bruce Willis is the right actor chosen to play the title role. Willis is one of my favorite stars, But this film is not for him. So who do i Believe fit the role ?

Benicio Del Toro would be the perfect actor for the ''Death Wish'' film remake. his performance in the recently release last year 2015 film ''Sicario'' was Brilliant. what do you think. Can Bruce Willis Nail the Paul Kersey role in a ''Death Wish'' remake film ?


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