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Collins Vincent

Luc Besson has always been a visionary director and a self-proclaimed lover of movies. But lately he's been mulling over his options with television in the form of tv adaptations of films like Nikita,The transporter, and the Upcoming Taken tv series set up at NBC. Now, Besson has set his sights on creating a new tv series set up at TNT. Artificial Intelligence is an upcoming science fiction action-drama in the early stages of development from Besson and Europa Corp. This marks his first original made-for-television idea and a perfect oppurtunity for TNT to attract more viewers to the network by experimenting with different genres.

Here's the basic premise:

It centers on an artificial intelligence that escapes from a laboratory and begins carrying out its own mysterious agenda, prompting the AI’s creator to assemble a team of specialists to deal with the situation.

The premise sounds a bit basic. A rogue AI tries to carry out some kind of agenda and a group of humans try to stop it. But still, Besson's involvement means that we could get something entertaining and unique. There's guaranteed to be intense and creative action sequences, as well as fun characters. And since Besson likes to play around with locations, we could be looking at an action adventure series that sees our heroes traversing the world in pursuit of this technological menace. Overall, the prospects and idea sound interesting and warrants a closer look. Besson will also write and produce the series, marking his first time writing for domestic television. More info to come as soon as it becomes available.


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