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Possible Spoilers Ahead for Those Who Haven't Played This Game

After finishing the video game for the second time over, I've realized that Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor would be an absolutely awesome movie. It wouldn't be too unlikely to become one either, as it would just seem like a spin-off of the Lord of the Rings series. Though video game fans are the only ones who know the story behind it, the game is so dynamic in its story and it would be a great excuse to transport us back to Middle-Earth.

Here's as brief a summary as I can provide for the story, and I'll try to leave out as many spoilers as I can. Talion, a Gondorian ranger, is stationed on the Black Gate of Mordor, before the events of the LOTR series, and is training his son how to fight when a massive force of Uruks attack. After they are overrun, Talion's wife and son are murdered in front of him by a being known only as the Black Hand of Sauron, along with his companions, the Hammer and Tower of Sauron.

Unbeknownst to Talion at the time, their deaths were part of a blood sacrifice to summon a long dead elf back to the physical world. The elf, whose identity is later revealed to be Celebrimbor, created the Rings of Power, and bonds his spirit to Talion's body, giving him supernatural powers.

Using these powers to survive the attack, Talion and Celebrimbor use their union and their abilities to seek out vengeance on the Black Captains that killed Talion's family. On the journey to enact his revenge, Talion must harness and evolve his abilities while also assisting Celebrimbor with recovering the memory of who he was.

The story is filled with huge action sequences, a riveting story, and intense moments with all the characters involved. So that I don't give away too much of the further story, I will only be presenting my acting choices for Talion, Celebrimbor, and the the Black Hand.

Chris Hemsworth as Talion

Primarily recognized for his role as Thor in the MCU, Hemsworth's other prominent roles include Snow White and the Huntsman and Rush. Hemsworth has already proved beyond a doubt that he's fully capable of being the warrior and the hero. Though he'll probably be my more obvious choice, I couldn't think of many others that I'd like in the role.

Michael Fassbender as Celebrimbor

Another actor known for a role in a Marvel series, Fassbender has had prominent roles in the X-Men prequel series, 300, and will be in the upcoming film adaptation of another video game, Assassin's Creed. Fassbender has had so many differing roles that his acting ability gives me full confidence that he could portray the Elf lord.

Tony Curran as The Black Hand

Known primarily for his roles in Underworld: Evolution and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Curran is going to be one of the least known actors on this list. Personally, his character in the Underworld series, Marcus, is still one of my favorite movie villains ever. Any role I've seen Curran in, I've learned to enjoy a lot, but his only prominent roles seem to have more of a cult following than a mainstream one. He's already been a great villain and could bring a great amount of malice to this role.

If any of you are big video game and Lord of the Rings fans, I highly recommend Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It's got everything for action, fantasy, open-world, upgrading, and even stealth missions. This would be one of my favorite video game-to-film adaptations if it ever becomes a possibility. What video games would you like to see made into films?

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