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Kids' of the '90s will never forget the absolute excitement and thrill of playing Pokémon on their own Game Boys. Exploring the Kanto region, challenging other trainers to be the best and trading Pokémon with your friends. However, fans of the game have always struggled with an age long question. Which Pokemon should you start the game with?

You had the choice between the water turtle Squirtle, the green dinosaur Bulbasaur and the fiery salamander Charmander. Some say one is better than other and one is worse than the other but what we haven't thought about is that this is probably the game's very unique difficulty setting.

Let's really think about the first three gyms of the Kanto region. Brock, the first gym leader, trains rock type Pokémon. Misty, the second gym leader, uses water types and Lt. Surge, the third gym leader, uses the electricity type Pokémon.

If you were to choose Bulbasaur as your starter Pokémon, you would basically be set for the whole beginning of the game because grass type Pokémon are strong against rock, water and electric type Pokémon, making the game much easier.

If you were to choose Squirtle, you would get a harder experience because while water types are strong against rock and equal against other water, they are incredibly weak against electric type Pokémon.

Lastly, if you were to choose Charmander, you would be treated to the hardest experience of the game because fire type Pokémon are weak against both rock and water type Pokémon and almost equally matched against electric Pokemon.

So while you probably do have your favorite starter Pokémon, you can't deny that Game Freak came up with a fascinating take on the difficulty setting.

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