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From Beauty and the Beast to The Lion King. From Tangled to Big Hero 6. Disney's massive library of animated features has had so many possibilities that have been successful (and had quite a few mishaps such as The Black Cauldron). But here and now in the 2010's, Disney has gone from hand-drawn movies of the past and went into CGI animated technology for their films like Meet the Robinsons, Tangled, Frozen and Wreck it Ralph. And this is Disney's 55th feature. From 1937 up to this point, a great majority of these movies have been regarded as some of the best animated movies of all time. This is also going to be spoiler free. So my SPOILER review will be coming in soon.

So for this movie, Zootopia, it is actually done really, really well. It is that type of animated adventure movie that takes place in a world where animals are people. They are all living the lives that we live in this movie. And I have to say, Disney has made yet another great piece of animation that combines adventure, suspense, mystery and action all in one.

The story of Zootopia involves a fast talking rabbit named Judy Hopps (played by Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin), who travels to Zootopia to become the Police force's first ever rabbit to join. When she is assigned to an obvious parking duty job, she comes across a sly fox named Nick Wilde (played by Jason Bateman), who is somewhat of a smooth talker. But when someone starts kidnapping predator animals, they are forced to work together in order to solve the case.

So Zootopia is one movie that Disney had pretty much got everything right. It is probably the first movie in their animated feature canon since Robin Hood that has its people entirely animals. And there is so much to discuss here. But I'll save all that for my Spoiler filled review.

So what did they get right? Disney has given us so many great things in this movie. For instance, Ginnifer Goodwin's character Judy Hopps. She is one wacky character who is a fast talker. There is one point in the movie where both her and Nick are at the D.M.V. station and it is completely run by sloths. This scene is probably the funniest scene in the whole movie where they both try to talk to the one sloth they went to for help, and he, in the best possible way, slowly responds to their questions. But her character and Jason Bateman's character Nick Wilde, have the best chemistry in this movie. What also makes this movie so much fun is that it is in some respects, a buddy cop movie. A fox and a bunny rabbit working together? Naturally, that wouldn't work. But in this movie, it really works.

Now the other characters in this movie are all so relatable. There are so many great performances from Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer among others. They all fit their roles perfectly and are done really nicely.

I can't go into too much detail right now. But there are a few key points in the movie where I went 'OMG!!! This movie is so much better than some of the other Disney movies.' And there is the whole hidden villain aspect like with Prince Hans in Frozen. But I'll save that for my spoiler review.

So all in all, Zootopia is all around fun with animals as people, great buddy-cop moments with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps and a very interesting story with so many twists and turns.

STARS: 10/10 (AWESOME!!!)

So what are your guys' thoughts on Zootopia? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Whose your fave character? Leave your thoughts down below in the comments.


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