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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is finally coming to theaters at the end of this month, so naturally fans have already begun speculating about the future of DC's Extended Universe.

Now that more and more characters are joining the fray, we're all wondering what kinds of crossovers will happen as the upcoming films move down the pipelines. Brazilian publication Superinteressante recently interviewed Superman himself, Henry Cavill, and asked about where the Man Of Steel might turn up in coming movies on the slate.

Cavill Confirms We Won't Be Seeing Him In 'Suicide Squad'

However, he didn't turn down the possibility of Superman appearing in another movie that's just around the corner:

SUPER: You have the Justice League Movie in 2017, but before that, we will have Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Can we expect Superman appearances in these movies?
Henry Cavill: Hum… What can I say?... Not in Suicide Squad. In Wonder Woman I haven’t heard anything yet, but watch that space. And in anything else, I don’t know just yet if anything else gets shot between.

In my opinion, it's just as well that Superman won't be in Suicide Squad, considering there are already enough new characters to establish without being bogged down with a familiar face. As for Wonder Woman, I think it all comes down to how they handle the introductions in Batman V Superman, but I certainly like the idea of Superman in a more auxiliary role.

(Source: Superinteressante via ComicBook)


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