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One of the best things that come out of an actor or actress being cast for a superhero role, is the shape they have to get in for the role. Let’s admit it, you ain’t going to pull off a character like The Green Arrow, Batman, Superman, Captain America, The Punisher, etc without having a body worthy of the hero. No one is going to believe a flabby shape can please the fans once the costume is put on.

BIG Ben Affleck
BIG Ben Affleck

An actor/actress can be greeted with nothing but naysayers when they are cast for a fan favorite role, such as the case with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman). Yet, things quickly turned around when fans saw the effort they made to get into the hero shape befitting the role.

Gal Gadot in BEAST mode!
Gal Gadot in BEAST mode!

The workout regiments were tough, but they got it done! Let's talk about some of the best superhero bodies in Hollywood and how they got there. Hopefully, for those who need a little push, this will motivate you to hit the gym!


One of the best resources on how to get into the type of shape to play a legendary DC hero, belongs to Stephen Amell. I've compiled a few videos that demonstrate the sort of work Stephen Amell puts in to stay in shape for Arrow.


To play a modern SUPERMAN, you have to train like one and that's what Henry Cavill has had to do for the role. Working with trainer GYM JONES, he's added bulk and definition that are just right for THE MAN OF STEEL.


Hugh Jackman looked very different when he first popped the claws as Wolverine in X-MEN. He wasn't as defined in his 30's as he is now in his 40's. The man is a true example on how you can look better than your younger self. Age doesn't matter, so long as you have the heart to put in the work!


I don't think anyone can deny that this guy is a true heavyweight hero! Since his Baywatch days, Jason has always been in good shape, but over the years he went from being fit to being a BEAST! Aquaman is in good hands with Jason.

Note: This video ain't of Jason in the gym, but it will motivate you to get up and do some "yard work".

I hope you enjoyed these videos and that it lit a fire in your belly to want to build the best body you ever had. Hey, with the right workout program and diet you can look like a superhero too!


Who has built the best SUPERHERO body?


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