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What Descendants needs is more characters

1. Captain Hook's Son, James Hook

James Hook would be at first Evil but then when he attends school at Auradon he becomes as friendly than evil.

2. Scar/Taka's Son, Scar Junior

Scar Junior wouldn't be as Dark as Scar Himself but then again we need a lion king character in there.

3. Maleficent's son, Johnny

What if Mal had a brother a long lost brother of course his name would be Johnny. But he would be too young to attend Auradon

4. Simba's Daughter Kiara

Kiara would be the daughter of Simba and Nala. And She would fall in love with Scar Jr. and Scar Jr. would fall in love with her.

5. Simba's Son, Mufasa Junior

Mufasa Junior would be another son of Simba and when she meets Evie he would fall in love with her

6. Merida's Son, Justin

What if Merida had a son named Justin, he would join the school.

7. Elsa and Jack Frost Son, Jaxon

I know what your thinking Jack Frost isn't a disney character but what if he joined up with Elsa and got married to him.

8. Hans Son, Gettysberg

If Hans had a son he would be on the isle of the lost. Due to his crimes.

9. Rapunzel's Daughter, Betsy

Betsy would attend Aurodon due to her kindness and sweetness.

10. Donald Trump's son, Barry

The reason I added Donald Trump's fictional son, is because I wanted a real life person in Descendants.


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