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Personally, I always find gender swapped anything to be amazing. Most of the time, it's cast or drawn perfectly, and is almost always a great homage to the characters they represent and shows a lot appreciation of the characteristics of each individual. Here, I have compiled various pictures of genderbent photos. In this case, it's Marvel's Avengers by Tumblr user DISIMILIS (

1. Captain America a.k.a. Sarah Rogers (Amber Heard)

In this version, the real life model is Amber Heard. She looks amazing. Truly, there has never been another version of Captain America that's been more blonde, beautiful, and full of leadership potential at the same time.

2. Iron Woman a.k.a. Antonia Stark (Kate Beckinsale)

Kate Beckinsale has provided the muse for this franchise-worthy character. I love the way the picture is at an angle. It's like someone to her right just said something stupid, so she decided to give them a confused look.

3. The Hulk a.k.a. Betty Banner (Mila Kunis)

Here, Mila Kunis has posed gracefully as a female counterpart to Bruce Banner. Her stance does nothing but exemplify her current persona's intellectual side. The lab in the back, as well as the green lighting, makes this actress look like the protagonist of the perfect alternate universe.

4. Thor a.k.a. Jane Foster (Jennifer Lawrence)

Jennifer Lawrence provides the modeling for this thunderous goddess. Unlike one of her other acting roles, she is using a hammer here instead of a bow and arrow. I also believe she would be perfect as the female Thor, but of course I hope that Natalie Portman gets to play that version of the character first.

5. Loki (Kristen Stewart)

After Thor, there comes Loki. I love this incarnation of the character. She looks so mischievous, and her hair looks so wonderful in that style. Thank you, Kristen Stewart, for existing in the first place, so that this picture could happen.

6. Director Nikita J. Fury (Kerry Washington)

Kerry Washington as Director Fury is a sight to behold. I most definitely would not be going against this super spy. Although, I don't know if she has the same proclivity for swearing as much as her male counterpart.

7. Hawkeye a.k.a. Laura Barton (Shailene Woodley)

Shailene Woodley as the archer Hawkeye is a piece of androgynous awesomeness. I really like the way she looks. It brings a little bit more happiness to the character she's portraying. After all, we rarely get to see Hawkeye smile.

8. Quicksilver a.k.a. Pietra Maximoff (Theresa Palmer)

I love the lighting in this picture. It really makes Theresa Palmer as Quicksilver look like she just got back from her morning jog around the world.

9. The Falcon a.k.a. Samantha Wilson (Zoe Saldana)

No, you may not touch the wings. Zoe Saldana literally takes flight as Falcon in this stunning photograph. Unlike her compatriots here, I get a feeling that she's silently throwing shade at everyone else with that glance.

10. Black Widower a.k.a. Nikola Romanoff (Chris Pine)

I think Chris Pine as Black Widow is probably the hottest fake ginger I've ever seen, but that's not the point. I look at that picture, and I get a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit type of feeling. It's like Chris Pine was always meant to be a super spy with affiliations with Russia in all of his roles.

11. Scarlet Warlock a.k.a. Walter Maximoff (Jared Leto)

Is it wrong that this is probably what Jared Leto dresses up like in real life? But, even if he does, it's cool to see him as something else other than Joker these days. Leto, actually, has many other similar looking styles of dress.

12. Winter Soldier a.k.a. Becky Barnes (Emily Blunt)

Remind me never to get in a fight with Emily Blunt. Ever.

There you have it: 12 gender swapped Avengers pics. Personally, I can't decide which is my favorite, but it's definitely between Loki and Black Widower. Credits to Tumblr user DISIMILIS for the artwork. Live long and prosper, and Avengers Assemble.

Do you know any other gender bending pictures of the Avengers? Others?


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