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Endure and Survive..
Kai Nova Jackson

March 18th needs to hurry up as the new trailers for the epic second chapter of the Daredevil series raises the anticipation. From the looks of things in the previews for the second chapter, more blood, brutality, drama, pain and suprises await us. So it may be necessary to pace yourself while watching the series and let everything sink in before hitting that play icon on your screen....again. Until then, lets look into some insights.

During an in-depth discussion at Marvel Movie News about what was seen in the latest preview for the second season of Daredevil some interesting points were brought up out of the air, especially towards Jon Berthal's Punisher. Apparently this discussion about the Punisher we've seen has lead to an analyzation about whether the pain bringing vigilante would be suitable as a 5th member of the Defenders in the future which will be an upcoming series. As if the speculations couldnt grow any more bizarre and brilliant.

Before coming to conclusions lets consider the future for Netflix and Marvel. Theres no doubt that Marvel and Netflix have established a groundbreaking relationship and measure of success. And its looking like its going to carry on throughout the next few years now that the Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the second chapter for Jessica Jones are currently in development. That being said, despite that an upcoming series for the Punisher series has been confirmed as just a rumor, a series for the Punisher would certainly extend the Netflix phases into 2019 or even further. So a Punisher series would make sense and might put the Punisher in a good position for joining the Defenders. However, it still depends on the time slots for the other shows that are in development, such as Luke Cage, (possibly TWO seasons) the second season of Jessica Jones, the series for Iron Fist and a possible 3rd season for Daredevil.

Lets just point out that in the comics, Punisher and Daredevil weren't exactly always enemies. If we were to recall several Punisher/Daredevil crossovers in the comic universe we would remember the uneasy alliance that was set up in Marvel's issues of Marvel Knights. Still...we ve learned by watching season one that eshows are more unpredictable as it is loyal to the comics. Surely we ve learned that after the nail-biting interrogation scene between Karen Page and James Wesley. We all know how that went down. So there's probably no determining what position Punisher and Daredevil will be put in by the end of the second season of Daredevil. But imagine...Punisher, Daredevil, Jones, Cage and Iron Fist on the same team ,clustered in one series...imagine how much more of a threat this cluster would become. WATCH..OUT Avengers!

Referring to or adding on to the previous paragraph, despite that Punisher and Daredevil are rivals, they do share a common enemy..the KINGPIN. So as it may be...putting all the excitement about the Punisher and Electra aside...admit this..we re all probably expecting that the Kingpin is bound to show up again sooner or later. Some of us or most of us can FEEL it. Its only a matter of time. Only question is WHEN? Now if we were to expect the Kingpin's return..say around after season one of Iron Fist ends..which may be the last series Netflix releases before we see the premiere of The Defenders mini series arrive...MAY put either Murdoch OR the Punisher in a position where they can set up an alliance against other villains INCLUDING the Kingpin? It probably makes sense..but COULD IT? As bizarre as this theory may seem...if there's one thing that these writers are good at..its keeping the Marvel and comic fans guessing.


Putting all theories aside...even though its only a matter of time before dozens more will pop out of the air before season two even begins OR ends...lets make sure that once the second chapter of Daredevil gets going we re all enjoying what were being given during this season.. ...and paying attention. We re about to see two rivals unite alongside Elektra breaking in. And hopefully the Elektra we re about to see will be better than Rob Bowman's...But take some a Marvel and comic fan..and a film goer...always expect the UNEXPECTED.


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