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Kylie Carlson

You are in love with him. You crave him next to you. He is everything you've ever wanted, ever hoped for. Yet he is everything you should be terrified of. You should hate him, fear him, and even want him dead. Yes, I am talking about Tate Langdon from American Horror Story.

Tate Langdon is everything every teen girl dreams of, for the most part. Tate is featured in the first season of AHS (my favorite season, haters gonna hate) and is played by Evan Peters. Now, if you haven't seen the first season of AHS, don't read ahead. Lots of spoilers are ahead! First of all, Tate is the spitting image of any teen heartthrob today. His shaggy blonde hair, breathtaking jawline and dark, intriguing eyes make loving him physically an easy task. On a slightly deeper level, Tate loves Kurt Cobain, books, birds, and especially loves Violet. (Some disagree with his love for her, but we will get into that later.)

But as we all know, Tate is a monster. A murderer. A psychopath.

Lets just discuss all the things Tate has done.

  • He set his mother's boyfriend on fire.
  • He attempted to murder a boy who moved into his home.
  • He raped his girlfriend's mother.
  • He killed a gay couple.
  • He killed fifteen innocent students in a school shooting.

But he's perfect, right? He has redeeming qualities, right? Or maybe your excuse is that he had a troubled childhood, so those things from his past made him that way, and it's not his fault.

Well I'm here to tell you that, based on psychology, it is perfectly fine to love him. It just means that AHS is doing exactly what they intended to do. They intended to scare you.

There is a psychology behind AHS that many of us either know about or don't. The story and show itself aren't meant to scare you, necessarily. Many fans actually say they aren't even really scared by the show. What is scary though is the things the show will ultimately make you think. Many of you, if you are fans of the show, do love Tate. You feel for him. No matter how many terrible things he has done, somehow he gets into your head, and his character draws you in in the same way Tate draws Violet in. That is what is supposed to scare you. It is said that the psychology behind AHS is that the fear isn't from the show itself, it is from what the show makes you think.

"I think what it is, is that they write him as a nice guy. A nice, sort of normal, charming guy who has feelings that can get hurt easily and he’s just sort of a very human character and he’s written that way. And then what happens is, they have that guy, kill people and do evil things. So that you sympathize with him and care about him and really feel for him and then at the same time his actions, they’re confusing, they’re conflicting because he’s doing the evil things – his demonic things… It's very well written. It’s really the writing I think." -Evan Peters on Tate

You should definitely be afraid of being in love with a psychopath.


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