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In 11 seasons of Supernatural, the Winchesters have fought and killed/defeated pretty much every imaginable form of evil known to man (and some that weren't even known before). From all the monsters they've killed, to rogue archangels, to Death himself, to Eve, the mother of all uglies, to Abaddon and Lillith and Azazel, to throwing Lucifer in the cage. They survived purgatory, killed the head Leviathon, ended Cain, they beat up poor Metatron, Rowena's dead now, Crowley has been reduced to Lucifer's pet, and gobs and gobs of demons have fallen before the brothers.

What in the hell could possibly be next?

i dunno!!!!!!!!!
i dunno!!!!!!!!!

It looks like season 12 will be happening, thank Amara's Brother. Some time this season, it seems Amara's Bro will show up too, hopefully to help put his sis away for the second time. So who's left?

Here are some theories for all my fellow Supernatural fanatics to chew on.


Since God is coming back to put Amara away this season, and Supernatural likes to turn legends on their heads, I can kinda see the producers figuring out some way to make God become a kinda sorta bad guy. It's a weird thought, but you all know the way they think.

Back to their roots

In the preview for next week's episode, it looks like Amara is bringing out some ugly, ugly ghostseses. So after Amara gets vanquished, maybe the producers will go back to some good ole monster stompin' fun? That's assuming Lucifer gets put back in his cage, and isn't allowed to run around for another flippin' season. Which would be cool, because you know what, Supernatural, dangit!

just because!
just because!


I know, it's been done for 2 seasons now, the fight against Satan himself. But think about this; what if the guys had one goal next actually kill Satan! They can already kill archangels, and really, Satan is just one big, mean, nasty angel, so maybe? What would the world be like without Satan, though? I would imagine the producers would take it one step further, and end up killing him and God both. Can't have one without the other!

He's not really a monster, at least, depending on who you ask I guess, but...

Jesus Christ Himself!

I have no clue what the producers would do with Jesus, but I'm sure they'd figure something out. Maybe have him appear this season and help bring Amara down? And they hang around all next season like Cas? Who knows!

After googling and googling, and googling some more, guys, that's all I got. I would suck at being a producer on that show, I know. But Dean and Sam really have killed every possible thing out there, haven't they?

Whatever season 12 will bring us, maybe we should just worry about Amara and the rest of this season for now.

Here's the preview for March 23rd's episode, Safe House.

Stupid hiatuses!!!!!!!


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