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Rings (The Ring 3, The Ring 3D)

Rings is going to be a different storyline, it is going to focus on the little girl who terrorizes the people who have watched the video tape. Rings is going to be mainly about Samara and why she did the things she did. It will breathe new life into the franchise. Slight recap of the beginning of this franchise The Ring (first film) is all about the video tape and how you watch it and you have 7 days before you die. It also surrounds Rachel a reporter who is researching about this video tape and how to stop it. Then The Ring 2 focuses 6 months after the mayhem of the videotape and deaths and brings you to more clues, and more light on the origin’s of this tape. With Rachel still investigating it.

The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist

The ghost hunting due are back this time focusing on a family in England. Again its a lovely little family who gets haunted by supernatural phenomena, this tells the story of the Hodgsons and their children who see/experience with their bedroom furniture shaking and things flying around. This is based on a true story

I do seriously enjoy horror by James Wan and so glad he is back doing the second one.

The Purge: Election Year (The Purge 3)

Frank Grillo is back (survivor of The Purge: Anarchy). He played a man wanting to get revenge of the man who killed his son. But things got in the way, he saved a couple of woman, then got kidnapped, then when he finally got to purge the man who killed his son he changed his mind, then getting shit at and ended up getting saved by the man he was going to purge. Here’s the happy little ending. Now he is back playing a man who is head of security for Charlene Roan a senator who is front runner for presidential election. I have seen the trailer there isn’t much to go on. But looks pretty good.

Friday The 13th

This is a sequel to the remake series of Friday The 13th franchise beginning in 2009. There is not much information on this as yet. It is still in development. Its got me thinking when is enough enough? Will still be watching it just in case it is better than the first one in 2009. But not holding out much hope.

Cabin Fever

So we are getting a remake of Eli Roths 2002 film Cabin Fever. This is right after Cabin Fever: Patient Zero comes out. I have seen the trailer and have to say it is VERY similar to the original. But here is hoping something better to go by in another trailer or the film itself. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE nothing more than disgusting viral body horror. But I will give this movie a chance, this is again of the flesh eating bug terrorizing teens who have gone on vacation in a cabin in a secluded woods.

The Blob

The blob will be getting a remake. The original was remade in 1988 of the first classic in 1958 and word is going around that this year there will be another remake. Yay. It actually sounds so interesting. I have not actually seen the original nor the remake but will be giving them a chance and watching both 1958 and 1988 before watching the second remake. This sounds like something I would watch, So there is a alien blog going around killing and consuming everything and everybody in its bath. I can’t comment further but I do have to say I am rather psyched. All I know it has Samuel L Jackson in.

Ouija 2

Ouija 2 will be getting a sequel, ITs still in development, what what I do know is that Lin Shaye (The Grandmother Of Horror) is back. No plot and all new cast? The first one told the story of the first one, where a woman finds an Ouija board in her attic and starts to play with it and then strange supernatural goings on happen and she ends up being possessed and killing herself. He friend finds it and wants to contact her and end up releasing a demon which goes by the name/alias of “Hi Friend”. The end up dying one by one and Laine Morris researches and ends up seeing a elderly woman in a home who spins her a few details of what’s going on.

Well it seems the plot is open to suggestions, I reckon this will be the other side of the story, flashes back to when it all started.

Amityville: Awakening

Admit it you have also been looking forward to the next instalment of this franchise? This time it focuses on Belle, her younger sister and he comatose twin, the children and their single mother move into the infamous Amityville house. Soon after things begin to happen, unexplainable things, supernatural, and then the comatose boy wakes up. Something is wrong, they all feel it. Belle reckons her mother knows more than she is letting on.

Underworld 5:

Shes backkkk! Kate Beckinsale is back playing Selene in the 5th instalment of Underworld. The plot is not known yet. But will be out this summer/ or October. There is a few dates flying around. In the last underworld a new species was made, half breeds created by Alexander Cornivus and everyone lives in peace. To be honest again I haven’t seen any of the underworld films, which I am surprised about considering I LOVE Kate Beckinsale. But at least I still have time to catch up.

Rumours And Hear’say

Unfriended 2

Not exactly surprised there is another one. This time Blaire falls into a deep depression. Bullied by the fact she caused Laura’s death. This is still in preproduction.

The Overlook Hotel

Anyone else been looking forward to this? Its still in pre production but there is a lot of speculation of whether it is connected to, prequel of The Shining (1980).

Sharknado 4

Holy crap another one? Not much information but here is hoping for Betty White to be in it. Don’t get me wrong I love shark horrors and creature features as the next person but I think it is going down hill from Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. It doesn’t have that rush and thrilling ride as the others did.

The Strangers 2

Liv Tyler returns as Kristen McKay. But only as a minor role. But you be pleased to know the three masked villains are returning to terrorize a family or four as they get evicted from their home.

I know What You Did Last Summer

Coming in 2017. A remake of the 90s classic horror I know What You Did Last Summer. Starring Mercedes McNab (Buffy, Hachet).

Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2 is in development. In my opinion the first Annabelle ended so well to set up a second film.

2 Lava 2 Lantula

Cujo: Canine Unit Joint Operations



Rumoured as having Will Poulter in. Remake of Stephen Kings 1990.

Saw: Legacy

Pet Semetery


Jeepers Creepers 3: The Cathedral



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