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**WARNING: Possible 'The Walking Dead' spoilers/speculation lie ahead**

There's this little pink elephant in the room that nobody seems to want to talk about, and its name is Judith. There's a one-eyed elephant named Carl sitting in the corner reading comic books, so we can talk about him too, I guess.

It seems to anger folks when you make predictions about who's going to die on The Walking Dead. You mention Daryl, and everybody's inner redneck comes out screaming. You say Abraham, and wackos from Greece start calling you names, telling you to die and then say you were disrespecting them (or maybe that's just my luck?). Glenn? Ohhhh boy...don't even go there. You just can't win!

So what I'm about to discuss with you may start a war. A war between people who think they can type tougher than others, but a war still.

Are Judith and Carl going to survive this season? Or more specifically, the season finale?

It's amazing to think about how Carl went from this little sh, who just wouldn't stay in the house-

To this badass, who not only leaves the house when he wants to, but does it eating pudding and with a jiggy jar jar doo-

To see how much of a chance Judith and Carl have this season, we have to look at the other families in the series, specifically, the siblings.

Siblings just don't do too well on TWD, do they?

Amy and Andrea went to just Andrea, and then to nobody-

Merle and Daryl became just Daryl-

Maggie, Beth and Shawn became Maggie and Beth

And then there was just Maggie

Tara lost Lilly

Poor Sasha lost Tyreese-

She was sharing Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease

Sorry about that...but you know you just sang it ;)

And Spencer is an only child now

Did I miss any? Holy crap, I hope not.

As you can see, siblings don't make it too far on TWD. Either do entire families, either. Out of all those just listed, damn near every one of them just has one member of their family left. Maggie, Glenn (most likely anyway), Abraham, Sasha, Tara, Daryl...Amy and Andrea and Dale are a few exceptions. The two BIG exceptions are the Andersons, having lost the last 3 members in No Way Out, and the Grimeses, who still, miraculously, have 3 members left.

How long do you think that's going to last?

And we don't even need to talk about Mika and Lizzie.

Or the fact that Rick said this to Daryl:


Considering everything Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have seen and everyone they've had to say buh-bye to in this show, knowing that the season finale made them sick to their stomachs says a LOT about the finale.

What would make a person sick like that? A loss of a child in a gruesome way, just like TWD loves to do, would most definitely do it. Especially at the hands of a madman with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. *shudder*

For those of you who say “No way! They wouldn't do something like that to a baby!”

Well, Kirkman sure as heck didn't let that stop him from doing this in the comics:

So, why not?


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