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Everyone has a favorite superhero and mine is the Amazing (Ultimate, Superior, Spectacular) Spider-Man. In less than a couple of months, the wall-crawler will appear in Captain America: Civil War and hopefully wipe away some doubts that were left from some unsavory movies. To celebrate Spider-Man, here's a list of the top 9 characters with Spider-Man(esque) powers in Marvel Comics (Sorry Peter, you're not on this list, too obvious)!

9. Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O' Hara was a geneticist living in New York in 2099 and he's attempting to recreate Spidey's powers in others when something terrible went array. Peter David and Rick Leonardi created him in 1992 to launch the first Spider-Man 2099 comic. Miguel's attempt to fight corporate greed and overall futuristic quality that makes this Spidey really stand out! I'm not the biggest fan of the timey-wimey type plots, but he's proven that Spider-Man is awesome, no matter the year!

8. Kaine (Scarlet Spider)

The first Scarlet Spider was a clone of Peter Parker name Ben Reiley created by the Jackal. Kaine's version of the Scarlet Spider is my favorite, due to his adventures and struggles with certain morals. One of his best stories is a team-up with Wolverine in retaliation against the Assassins Guild. Also, the story with the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock in Peter's body) is pretty awesome as well and his recent appearance on Spider-Man on DisneyXD is something to check out! (I wonder if he hates Doc Ock in the animated series because of the same stuff that went down in the comics?)

7. Agent Venom

How could I forget everyone's favorite jock, Flash Thompson, and I really hope he appears down the road in the MCU. Flash joined the military to do his civic duty, after years of looking up to Spider-Man, he took action. Of course, he lost both his legs, in a heroic attempt to save men in his squad. In a military experiment, Flash bonded with Venom and was able to control the symbiote to become an actual superhero! He really does have a rich arc and later he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, let mayhem ensue!

6. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham

You have to be an unhappy person, if you don't find this just the slightest-bit awesome! His origin story is straight nuts and would you expect anything different with a name like Spider-Ham? I just love the fact that Spider-Man is a hero that you can make a talking pig seem amazing!

5. Venom/Carnage

Yes, in some cases these two villains should be ranked at the top spot because they're terrifying! Eddie Brock and Cletus Kassidy were inmates in prison and Brock's Venom evolved to create Carnage. I have no clue if we will see Carnage in the MCU, but Venom is an another story, because of a certain brand of heroes and a Mad Titan. These two characters would make any fan of Spider-Man, jump with giggles, if Marvel decides to put them in a movie! (Sony put down Venom, put him down and step away from the IP)

4. Silk

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Cindy Moon was bitten at the same time that Peter was during a field trip in high school (616 Universe, I know!). She hid for a couple of years, so that Morlun wouldn't be able to find her. Of course she got out and started an intimate relationship with Mr.Parker (that's how the story usually goes). She's a very interesting character and her look would translate really well into the MCU!

3. Spider-Gwen

The popularity of her suit and the fact that you can never have too many Spider-Powered heroes in Marvel Comics, propelled her into her own comic! She was just going to be introduce in Dan Slott's Spider-Verse, but she proved too popular and check this out; her first issue, was in the top ten comics sold in 2015 and remember Star Wars dominated comic book sales last year. If you love all things Spidey, then check out some Spider-Gwen (you won't be disappointed)!

2. Spider-Woman

She didn't get her powers the same way as Peter, but they are somewhat similar, I mean her name is Spider-Woman! There's been many versions of the iconic Jessica Drew and it would take all day to write. Everyone knows that she's awesome, I am wondering what costume of hers, would you prefer if she ever got a live-action debut? Please feel free to call me names, or reply in the comment section (that was a horrible joke, so please don't reply in the comment section about Jessica's costume :)

1. Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

Okay, Miles' origin story in the Ultimate Spider-Man series, might be my favorite comic ever! The pain that Miles feel for not helping Peter in his final minutes, moves me every time I read it! When the little girl, with the burned face, asked Aunt May if she was Spider-Man's mommy - that scene really choked me up and I have no clue why, except it's Spider-Man! Brian Micheal Bendis is one of the most talented writers in all the land of comics and he nailed the Ultimate version of both Morales and Parker. If I had super powers, I would totally want to have Spider-Man's powers and I think that might be why he's my favorite hero.


You probably didn't agree 100% with my list and that's okay, everyone should love their own spider character in Marvel Comics (JK)! Spider-Man appeals to my vulnerable side and he inspires me to never stop trying, because he would never stop trying. People that don't understand comics, will never understand the simple pleasure of seeing your favorite hero on the big screen, it feels like they put that character in the movie just for you!

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters May 6th in the United States!


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