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There's no doubt that Snyder has planted a solid foundation for the DCCU with Man Of Steel. And now, adding the dark, cultural icon that, in its own way, is arguably the best, deepest, heroic figures that has stepped into the pages of comics, (and now the screens) - there is no stopping this. Admiring 2014's Man of Steel, and still analyzing the meaningful details, this read is going to focus on the future of the caped crusader on the big screen.

First, I'm going to give praise to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, not necessarily due to its success and popularity, but moreover to how deep the trilogy dug into into the psychology of the caped crusader, and all of the major characters surrounding him. Nolan told the tale from a unique perspective; three fourths of the trilogy are dialogue. Three fourths of the trilogy are diving into the psychology of Bruce Wayne, and focus on the dare-devil, playboy, disputatious, but most of all insecure man he is. And surprisingly this aberration of a perspective won the trilogy bragging rights for the best superhero films ever! All of that aside, character development is a major part of what made the trilogy so intriguing, Thus, as the new caped crusader takes his step onto the screen, deep character development is mandatory for the success of the franchise. And I have no doubt that we'll look deeper into the mind of Bruce wayne, as that is the entire plot of the upcoming Batman V Superman. But for the future of Batman in the franchise, deep psychology of the characters is on its way, which leads me to my first idea.

No adversary of the dark knight measures as high, psychologically, as Mr. Freeze. What makes this villain different from the rest of the rogues gallery, is that deep down, he only has good intentions. He only wants to save his love, Nora. But since this portrayal of the Dark Knight is an older , more worn out, version, Nora will most likely be dead, and Freeze will be at the point where he is motivated by anger and lusts revenge. What if Freeze can get to batman psychologically. "The people you choose to convict and bring to justice might argue that you don't understand the hurt, the sadness, the hate. But I think you do, I can see it in your eyes. You understand completely. There's no difference between us. You just fall under the lies of the ones who killed your parents, that we're the bad guys." - Mr. Freeze. And then he gets into Batman's head, and perhaps defeats him mentally. How amazing would it be to witness the breaking point of batman...


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