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More commonly known from the Arrow series on the CW, Green Arrow was originally created in 1941 to diversify DC's comic interests. He started off as a replica Batman who evolved into his own character!

In this article, we shall review 5 facts about Green Arrow that you may not have known. Let's get started!

1. One-Armed-Ollie

We recently saw One-Armed-Ollie in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but what you may not know is how it happened! While the show insinuated that he lost it battling Deathstroke's son, in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns we hear that it was removed in an unknown incident with Superman which caused a grudge to form between the Green Arrow and the Man of Steel — making Oliver the best ally for Batman!

2. His creator also created HIM?

Cool fact: Green Arrow was created by Mortimer Weisinger and George Papp. Mortimer Weisinger also created Aquaman and Johnny Quick!

3. Superboy got him into Archery?

When Oliver Queen was younger, his next door neighbor was determined to put a bow in his hands. This young kryptonian eventually became Superboy! This fun storyline happened in Adventure Comics No. 258 (March '59).

4. Oliver is a Meta-Human?

In the DC Universe, there is no one else that can be as accurate or shoot as quickly as Oliver Queen. Ollie himself has said that he never misses. Over the years, rumors circulated that he may be a meta-human because of his abilities.

Some of the heroes who speculated this were primarily in the Justice League. More over, the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) has a classified dossier on Oliver where they indicate such a possibility, but it is never confirmed. Will we see this play out once Supergirl joins the Flarrowverse?

One of his abilities is to accurately shoot multiple moving targets in under a minute. As an homage, Arrow Season 1 even showed us this talent!

Do you think he is a meta-human?

5. Neal McDonough actually voiced Green Arrow!

In 2010, a DC Showcase short titled Green Arrow was released and our Robin Hood was voiced by none other than Neal McDonough. For those that don't know, he now plays Damien Darhk in Arrow's Season 4!

In Conclusion...

I'm not sure about you, but some of these facts definitely caught me off guard! Which one surprised you the most? Take the poll below! If you know any other cool Green Arrow facts, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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