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Yesterday I was given the opportunity to go to UVU AKA Utah Valley University and witness Sean Astin give an overview of his successful career in not only the film industry but in personal charities that he helped in.

He is really funny guy! I wish I could’ve spent some one on one time with him after the meeting, but sadly we was busy with other matters regarding theatre on campus.

I wish I could’ve recorded some of the things that he said at the podium, but instead I took a picture:

Sean Astin at UVU
Sean Astin at UVU

One of the things that stuck out to me was hearing one of the students asking him what he did in life’s struggles. Astin then replied by saying that his parents told him, “Your life matters.” Which is pretty inspiring if you ask me. He even went on by saying, “If you do the right thing at the right moment... [It will all work out]!” I find this interesting because my mom would always say to me! And it is so true!

Anyway, while Astin was answering questions to motivate the students and even about his favorite roles in film, I was keeping my hand up, in hopes that he would call on me. I believe I saw him even looking at me while pointing in my direction, signaling me to stand up, but sadly the guys with the mics picked someone else...

There I was keeping my hand up and the time was running out for me to ask the big question. Suddenly a lady up front said we have time for one more question.

Astin then responded. “Really? Well this sucks!”

I couldn’t agree more! I had my hand up, I think the longest… but sadly I wasn’t the last person to be picked for the final question. Had I been, this would’ve been my question:

“Sean, are you going to be in The Goonies Sequel and what can you tell us about the plot for the movie?”

Ok that was basically two questions in one, but I think these are questions that need answering! And me, being a huge Goonies fan, I was determined to get some answers!

All I could find surfing the deep sea of the web was his quote from back in September 2015 on the same subject when asked about The Goonies Sequel:

“I have said and will always say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets made. The precise makeup of it, I have no idea. Whether I will be in it, no idea. Whether they would even want the original cast in it, no idea. But it doesn’t matter. It’s bigger, it’s actually bigger than everybody. It’s bigger than even Steven (Spielberg), who created it. It’s bigger than Richard Donner, who breathed such strong life into it. It’s now a part of American cultural lore, and the studio has a lot to gain from promoting it, so you can take it to the bank that people will get to enjoy it more.”

This is what Corey Feldman had to say about the sequel:

“What we came up with [had] far too big a budget for what they wanted to take on. We wrote something that was Indiana Jones-type big, with the characters going to different countries on this big adventure, with all these special effects. It was maybe a little too much. But I think that’s what you’ve kind of got to do in a sequel.”

That actually would be cool to see! Each member of The Goonies branching out doing their own adventures around the world Indiana Jones-style! But what would bring them all together I wonder? I will explain later in my prediction for what needs to happen in The Goonies Sequel!

Jeff Cohen AKA Chunk has stated that he would not be in the sequel. He even stated:

“Look, being an actor is great, I miss being an actor. I think anyone who’s been an actor, you kind of miss it even if you were just in school plays. You miss it because it was a fun experience. But I think I’m going to stick with the entertainment-law thing. That seems to be working out.”

Which is sad, because he’s one of the comedic characters who keeps the gang together! I personally think.

Plus Cohen has changed over the years! I mean of course he was known as Chunk due to his weight, but if you see him now, I bet the girls of this generation will think, “Chunk? More like Hunk!”

So that’s what we know as of now, but I don’t want to stop there. Since we don’t really know what’s going to happen in the sequel, I have decide to predict what may happen. So if it comes true. You heard it hear first.

The Goonies then and now
The Goonies then and now

Here we go!

I really like the plot that Feldmen mentioned about each character being adventure driven. So we'll start from that. Since they're all going to be on their own adventures, we need to find out what will bring The Goonies back together for another crazy adventure.

Michael "Mickey" Walsh-

Mickey is married with kids and is a history teacher at a university. He is then fired from his profession because of his theory on One-Eyed-Willy's origin. Mouth is the only one who believes him because he did some research that could possibly back it up.

Brandon "Brand" Walsh and Andrea "Andy" Carmichael-

Both Brand and Andy are happily married still living in Astoria with kids of their own. Brand becomes a Professional Triathlete and Andy becomes a piano teacher for a local high school. But things get worse as Brand loses a chance to compete with the big dogs in a Triathlon. And Andy loses her job in being a piano teacher.

Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen and Sloth-

They both become sea captains in search for underwater sea creatures like octopi and giant squids. Chunk is no longer the large in girth kid. He is fit to be a captain. In fact he is dubbed Captain Chunk Norris, because he has been skilled in round house kicking anyone who asks him to do the "truffle shuffle"!

Anyway, on one of the many adventures of Chunk and Sloth, their ship is attacked by a giant squid that ends up tangling Sloth in one of it's tentacles and dragging him down to the depths of the sea. Leaving Chunk emotional torn and wanting to seek revenge! Much like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick.

Clark "Mouth" Devereaux and Stephanie "Stef" Steinbrenner-

Mouth's career took him to South America where he utilizes his 'mouth' to speak perfect Spanish in finding ancient artifacts. Sometimes his mouth get's him into trouble. As it did with him and wife Stef. Yes Mouth and Step get married, but Mouth's greed for finding lost treasures and being away all the time lead to their separation.

While Mouth is in South American looking for hidden treasure. Steph struggles being an eye doctor and a mother of twins a boy and a girl Martin and Kennedy(If you understand the reference then you're awesome!).

Richard "Data" Wang-

Data becomes an inventor of gadgets that help in top secret missions throughout the world. But then things start going south when those secret missions backfire. This then forces Data to take all his gadgets that will help him hide himself from whoever is after him. He seeks Mickey for help as he nearly escapes from his sticky situation.

So you notice that each character had something wrong happen to them. The reason being is because of Mickey's marble bag full of "One-Eyed-Willy's rich stuff!" Though The Goonies were able to stay on the Goon Docks, it came with a huge price! What will happen is Mickey's dad gave each kid one gem from the marble bag to keep as a memory of their adventure, but what they didn't know was that the gems were cursed by One-Eyed-Willy himself.

Mouth is the one who finds out that they have all been cursed from the gems. Which explains why he's always gone trying to find the gems that have been scattered in South America. Mouth then tries to rally The Goonies together to try to find all the gems so that they can return them back to the Cursed Ship of One-Eyed-Willy.

Chunk doesn't want to join them because of the loss of Sloth, but in his voyage being a sea captain he did see One-Eyed-Willy's ship. Still sailing in North America! He dismisses it as a dream, but when Mouth and Mickey tell him of their discoveries, Chunk is convinced to join.

This is what will bring The Goonies back!

What do you think? Could this be the plot for The Goonies Sequel?

Let me know in the comments below!


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