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Almost everything nowadays seems to be a franchise, whether they are your beloved children's classics or a superhero movie, everything is a franchise. But not all of them are great, in fact, some need to give up and call it quits. Here are 6 franchises that just need to give up already.

1. Ice Age

With its 5th installment set for release in July and no one really paying attention to it, it is clear that the end is near. The quality has been on a steady decline ever since the first film in 2002. The new film hints at a 'new age' of the Ice Age, but Ice Age is very clearly on borrowed time and is sure to burn out soon.

2. Transformers

With a Transformers film set for release in each year for the next three years, I doubt that Michael Bay will be throwing the towel in any time soon. The previous film Transformers: Age of Extinction had everyone for the film to become extinct, but still earned over 245 million dollars. The stories and effects are getting old and even the die hard fans don't want to see it anymore.

3. Pirates Of The Caribbean

I personally thought the first 3 were an excellent trilogy, I refused to watch On Stranger Tides and I doubt I will watch the upcoming Dead Men Tell No Tales. While it is known that this will be the last film in the franchise, I highly doubt they will be able to keep their hands of this property for long, and I can picture spin offs flooding our cinemas for the next 10 years. Apart from Depp's performance, everything about this sounds drained and tired. Everyone lacks interest in these movies now. A red flag that the end is hopefully near.

4. Madagascar

Stretched out and tired. How long can they put off returning home, unless the next film finally lets them all go home, I have close to zero interest. The story is done and anything that happens next is simply a gimmick, much like Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted released in 2012 the last film in the franchise.

5. Terminator

Considered largely as a flop, though it is successful in various international countries. Terminator Genisys proved that people don't care for The Terminator as they once did. While Genisys did try so hard to set up a 'universe' for Terminator, it just doesn't seem fitting. Please just let it die with a tiny bit of dignity.

6. The Hunger Games

While the original string of books story has been told already, there are spin offs already lined up. Not only do we have our fix of young adult movies, the story no longer demands it. While the die hard fans demand more Hunger Games, many are left wishing they would just can these upcoming movies. Including star of The Hunger Games herself, Jennifer Lawrence who stated during the promotional rounds for Joy that:

“I wouldn’t be involved, I think it’s too soon, they’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.”


What franchise do you want to die the most ?


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