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Let's not all pretend this isn't a pass the time article. Because, yes, I assure you that it is. That and my loving to write. Now on my off days, free time and or rarity of boredom days, I track down my subscribed to Youtubers. Yes, I find these few hilarious. Worthy of my subscription. Free or not. I took the time to press that red button. I am in that crowd of anticipators for the up-and-coming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next week. As you can probably see from my past articles, I am into all things comic-related. Not saying I don't love other films, because I do, but right now comics are coming quicker than, (something seeming expletive, yet not). And I grew up off of them––okay I've completely gone off topic. That's how bad it is. Anyways. Here are the Youtubers I grant my eyes to. I have a sort of dark satiric sense of humor. Some may compare it to Zach Snyder's visual style preference. Gritty, dark and brutal. Well, I guess that's DC/WB as well. And no, I'm not agreeing with you's who think this is a bad thing. Matter of fact, just erase the entire statement prior. Ok, really. Here they are. The next post will be movie/tv related. Promise. Here are some favorited material from them.

First off, there's Jessie Smiles. Ex-viner (if that's a real word), hopefully future comedian/actress. WARNING! 18+ and may not be suitable for work.

Jessie Smiles

Secondly, Joe Santagato. Warned. He curses. Do people say "curses" anymore. I was running low on explicit, describing nouns. He posts weekly videos every Tuesday. They are worth it.

Joe Santagato

Thirdly, Dashiegames. A Youtuber who gives his review of games, while playing them.


Lastly, The Hodge Twins. Warning again. They use more profanity than Jessie and Joe. Detailed descriptions of many body parts may be brought up in this video. Fair warning, just prepare your ears.

The Hodge Twins

Hope you all enjoyed them. If you have any more funny Youtubers, comment them down below. I've tried to find others, but failed in that department, so help would suffice.


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