ByMichael Sonders, writer at

one day, everything what we have on earth, will be destroyed by mankind, or by some cosmic wars. maybe aliens will destroy our atmosphere and water sources and if they do that, what will we do, how will we survive.

I think that everyone has different answer about this, but my answer is mars. we can go to mars, we can make some kind a houses here, make mars habitable planet da don't make same mistakes, what we've done before. But how realistic does it looks?

one day, in ancient times people were thinking, that horse was the fastest transport and only angels fly. But today we have planes, also submarines, we have already gone to the moon and more things like this....

I don't think that mars colonization will happen in 10 or 20 years, but it's really possible and maybe our grandsons and their sons will be martians. They will eat martian food, they will breathe martian air. Because of low gravity, they'll be like giants. who knows???

let's wait. I hope one day we will colonize the universe, mars firstly.


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