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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Going into this I didn't know how to feel about it.

Alright first let's check off those disney tropes.

1. Magic. CHECK!

2. Princess. CHECK!

3. Villains(Ridiculous ones I might add). CHECK!

And that's about it.

For what it's worth I don't mind those tropes because wow, Disney took some jabs themselves at a particular episode, I mean we were building St. Olga's to be some big bad corporation but really it's just real things that the royal princesses have to endure, I mean like elocution lessons, how to articulate and so on and so forth and all these other things and it seems that they don't mind I mean I saw it in Gravity Falls but seeing it in here, hits home a little harder.

And with that said, let's see how this show really was and I'm kinda excited about the second season. Excited in the way that, I wanna see where they take this.

Alright, so, when I came into this I really didn't know what to expect and I really didn't know why, I just kinda didn't get into that girly girl persona of Star but then I kinda just let it slip and say, hey, that's what she's supposed to be like kinda that cute girl persona from anime and other cartoons as well, and I gotta admit after awhile I kinda got used to it.
I also liked that for a second there you think they're gonna use the route of oh look at this the male being the damsel in distress for once, and:-

A) They've done it before(Kim Possible) and that was my only problem with that show and we only got to see that Ron was able to show off his monkey martial arts at the end of the show

B)I think it's much more stronger that both of them could fight and even though it's kinda common place now, it's nice to see that Disney didn't freak out and just let it be and was like nah, he should be able to kinda protect him and Star even though Star can protect herself as well.

What I realized about Star is that she's that quirky little girl but only that she's a princess and that she has magical powers.
Oh and I also like that she has dimensional scissors and really does what Rick and Morty does.
I guess in this case Rick is kinda Star and Marco is her Morty.

But whatever, the villain I thought was a bit funny himself I got a few chuckles. I think the only serious plot lines were brought in nearing the end of the first season, bearing the new villain and one heck of a cliff hanger from this show but I've gasped harder(GRAVITY FALLS I MISS YOU T.T).

AHEM.. but um yeah, it was quirky and fun. I liked the messages that they had at times and I thought the one about the monster genocide one was especially a hard hit at home, kinda makes you question was that aimed at the early settlers and the Indians as well. And to see Star just kinda ponder a bit more just because she kinda forces her friends to re-enact the wars, and Marco keeps questioning her about the legitimacy of it all, and how she thought that Ferguson was the Frogman just because he was dressed like him.

And I think Disney is really getting in some commentary about issues of late especially with Zootopia, but hey Star and the Forces of Evil was like a year earlier, but still.

Um... Nothing else to talk about, oh I like that the parents are very much around, y'know knowing Disney. And I also like that there's a few scenes I went like really Disney did this was mostly the St. Olga's reform school for Wayward Princesses episode. There were some dark undertones which I like, but I would've liked more.
Y'know the thing about it is I keep comparing it to Gravity Falls just because the pain is still fresh for me, but as it's own thing after awhile, I think it's cute in it's own way. I don't know if they'll crossover with Rick and Morty. Doubt it. But maybe some mention like a cute little wink.
And I know they can't just because, one's more adult then the other, but hey, like recognition from both sides would be fun.


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