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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Apparently Glee is a good platform for new aspiring actors especially the ones who weren't able to get a good amount of screen time.

I didn't even realize Flash's actor Grant Gustin was also on Glee.
But this is Supergirl.

Here's the funny thing I was conflicted once I found out that Supergirl is really Marley. And the plot line in Glee was too close to home to me and let's just say it was a bad experience but hey personal bias aside and choosing to block out later Glee with extensive team members who never really got exposition or development or whatever. And really technically Pitch Perfect is an extension of later Glee.

But Supergirl was kinda good. I mean really it hit too close to home to me again with the character Win. And I was like nuh-uh bro, f- that!. But other than that I like the connection with Superman is fun, and I enjoyed the cave of solitude, and I'm really awaiting the crossover with Flash, hence is kinda why I brought up Flash.

Uhm.. I think Supergirl is fine, I just don't really get into those villains, and if you know anything about me and DC, I really love DC villains, I mean really if you see my cover page cover photo it's literally one of the most infectious couples; Mister J and Harley Quin(<3 <3).

I only like the sister character and Win just because. But uh, the others were just alright I mean Cat Grant is just that mean bitch with a little heart in there somewhere and you go oh, maybe she'll change and maybe she'll become better but really she's just like that.

Well that's all but more to come!!!!


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