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Recently, the new Finding Dory trailer was released. It provides some new details on what exactly the plot of the film will be about. It seems to be quite an interesting film, but whether that's a good interesting or a bad interesting (a bad interesting being, "Oh. That was cute. I'm sure my son who's never seen the first film will love this one, but the original fans are probably disappointed they waited 10+ years for that.") is yet to be seen. The plot itself, from what I've gathered from the trailer(s), is a traditional one among animated movies; this one especially. A fish gets lost, other fish go find them. However, there are certain subtleties in play. For instance:

We've learned a little more about Dory's parents!

This is actually quite interesting because in the first film, Dory refers to her whole family as having short term memory loss, the trait her character is most known for, but in this new trailer she seems ignorant of the fact she has parents. Also, both of her parents don't seem to have a memory problem either, or perhaps, they are used to it/resistant to it. Dory forgetting this is probably just a tiny mistake made by the creators, or maybe just an idiosyncrasy of Dory's.

Crush is returning (and Squirt probably will too!)

In the trailer, a baby turtle that might be Squirt is seen with some other baby sea turtles, and Crush is seen swimming with Marlin on his back. The latter says:

"I'm gonna be totally sick!"

These two characters have been the source of "Surfer Dude" quotes for years now since the first film. I'm sure they'll provide some more memorable quotes this time around.

Dory has an adopted sister named Destiny!

Around 46 seconds into the trailer, Dory is seen in an aquarium (or possibly a vet's office). There, she meets a whale shark named Destiny who is revealed to have met Dory before when she was younger. Apparently, the two of them are adopted siblings.

The Aquarium is going to be the new 'Dentist's office.'

Here, Dory is shown to be communicating with an octopus named Hank who becomes her mentor. Hank can camouflage, and he uses this ability to hide outside of the tanks. From whom he is hiding we don't know, but we do know that there are other terrified sea creatures there as well. Apparently, these aquatic creatures hide in their tank from the invading hands of children. I sense a situation similar to Darla coming on.

We'll get some quirky new characters!

There are also other characters being introduced such as Bailey the Beluga Whale.

Overall, the film has a feeling of cuteness, so it will most likely be a success. However, when it comes to making sequels there's always that possibility of flopping. You can't always recreate greatness a second time around, but you can certainly try, and for the people over at Disney, try they shall. Let's just hope they don't do everything they did from the first film just with Dory instead of Nemo. I highly doubt it, but you never know.

Are you excited about the new 'Finding Dory' film? Do you think it'll be a success? Or do you think it'll "sink"?


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