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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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This is a review. This will contain spoilers. Mostly it will contain theories and controversies.

So, without further ado. This movie usually is confused with this movie:-

Tommy Wiseau's The Room
Tommy Wiseau's The Room

Now having said that, watching this movie throughout(Room, I mean, the one of Brie Larson), I have to say that the undertones in that movie and how the movie ends and the question marks left at the end for the young boy who had to endure all of this; Jack, was really Johnny.

Now all of this I can explain. But first, the movie.

I would rate this movie at an 8.4/10 just because this movie really hit home hard a little at some points ultimately with the kid. I'm surprised he didn't win an Oscar but maybe he's too young I don't know.
But this movie took it's time to establish the atmosphere of this dingy little room that is basically a shack and I can't for the life of me tell you why a lot of them called Jack a she. If it's just because of the hair that should be shunned but hey what do I know right?

But anyway, I like that the mum had to think about her actions as well and if that really was for the benefit of her child or really something like an anchor so that she could live on because he was some kind of symbol and like it was the only reason she would stay alive in that dingy room. And they never really set anything up.

Which is really interesting when you think about it because mostly it's from the boy's perspective really and the overdose scene must've been really scary for a kid especially even if it's like known that it's just an act but really I think that pulled on my heart strings more than anything else in this movie.

I couldn't really understand why the Grandpa didn't wanna accept Jack at first but the more I thought about it I was like yeah, it is understandable but he's a kid after all and it's not like any kid in this world has a choice of being in this life, I mean c'mon. But anyway, yeah, it's like you're thrown into the middle and there's this big second and third act which is basically them escaping the shack room and then, them trying to live a good life, and that's basically it.
And all we're really left with is the hard questions and whether the guy(Old Nick?) got arrested or not.

And now for the theories.
So since it's from the boy's perspective and the mother kinda narrating at the end. I'm kinda thinking that the boy kinda is scarred for his life, and sometime later in his life his imaginary friend "Johnny" that he made up because he wanted to have someone to talk to and someone to just air grievances with, becomes Jack,and now Johnny is Jack,and since like Johnny is the one burdened by all of these bad memories, he becomes socially awkward and unable to speak properly anymore because it damages his linguistic motors in his brain.

And then he makes a movie about the Room and really because he glorifies it in his head as a kid, as an adult he chooses to block it out and then, he chooses to make no connection to any room at all and wastes a good sum of money and become a cult director that just is too egotistical and goes into solitude again.

And then, he becomes Old Nick,and the cycle repeats again.


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