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Supergirl's 15th episode of season one entitled Solitude broke my brain. During a visit to the fortress of solitude there is a brief flash of a simple ring,

A Legion of Super Heroes flight ring! So why did this break my brain? In comic book history Superman was a member of the Legion when he was SuperBoy. Over the years the details of Superman's membership to Legion and the very existence of Superboy has changed. But also in this episode the make reference to Brainiac with the villain Indigo or Brainiac 8. Brainiac of course being a villain Superman has faced numerous times. But Brainiac 5 was also a member of the Legion of Super Heroes!

But for me the best part of the episode was Indigo stretching her arms to turn keys at the same time. Was this a throw away scene? A matter of convenience? Or was it another nod to the Legion? How you ask? Great question and this is what broke my brain.

At one point in DC history Jimmy Olsen was an honorary member of the Legion of Super Heroes know as Elastic Lad!

Yes, even Jimmy Olsen had super powers by drinking a formula that gave him stretching powers. So this leaves me the questioning when was Superman part of the Legion? Was Jimmy still an honorary member? And if Jimmy was Elastic Lad when is he going to share this with team SuperGirl?


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