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I was hanging around some Harry Potter forums, like I often do, when I randomly found this video on a Reddit post.

According to the website connected to this misterious project, the full trailer of the film will be released in 12 March 2016 on their Youtube channel. The title and the shots seen in the teaser gives us cause to hope for a story where Voldemort and his origins will be developed in detail. The part with Dumbledore at the end, made me think at Voldemort's memory seen by Harry inside the pensieve in the sixth book, which was completely left out in the film.

If this is gonna become an actual film, it would be definitely good news for all the Harry Potter fans, who have been waiting for a spin-off dedicated to the Dark Lord life, for a long time.

According to the copyrights text written at the beginning of the teaser, it seems clear that this is a project not related with Warner Bros or J.K. Rowling and maybe related to a fan made one.

In view of the success made by "Severus Snape and The Marauders", maybe a crowdfunding campaign will be revealed on 12 March. If so, I would be the first to support the project.


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