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Kylie Carlson

My all time favorite movie is Anastasia. If I had to pick any movie to watch for the rest of my life, it would be Anastasia. So when the idea of a live action Anastasia came to mind, I knew I had to figure out the perfect cast. So here are my fan picks for the next Anastasia cast!

Anastasia: Emma's?

My picks for Anastasia are tied between Hollywood's Emma's. I love Emma Watson and Emma Stone for the role, and I can't choose. Emma Watson would be the elegance and charm that every princess should have, but Emma Stone would bring in the sarcasm and wit that Anastasia has. I suppose if I really had to choose, it would be Emma Stone. She encompasses more of Anastasia as a whole. But they are both strong and beautiful women and would make excellent Anastasia's.

Dimitri: Kevin Zegers

I honestly believe Kevin Zegers is the closest spitting image to Dimitri I have seen yet. They are practically twins! I loved him in City of Bones and in Gossip Girl, so we know he can play the part.

Vladimir and Sophie: Bradley Cooper and Amy Schumer

These two are so cute together already! They look very similar to the characters and there is already fantastic chemistry between the two. They also both play loving and funny characters quite nicely , so I think we have a match!

Rasputin: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is my pick for Rasputin. He can be seen as dark and mysterious, and the slightly wild hair matches Rasputin quite nicely.

The Dowager Empress Marie: Julie Andrews

Isn't she royalty already? She sure does look as elegant as Anastasia's grandmother and that is why I picked her to be the Empress. Also, she has already played a queen, and played her fantastically might I add, in The Princess Diaries.

And there you have it. My picks for the main casting in Anastasia. Comment down below which you loved, which ones you'd change, and if you had any more ideas since I didn't do every single character.


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