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Frame for frame and actor by actor I research the debate of the upcoming marvel and DC films
Sam Roberts

So I'm guessing by know everyone has seen the hew deadpool movie .

If you haven't yet,

Get off your *¥§# and watch it!!!!

So back to all you normal people, as seen in deadpool the new X suits are in fact the original yellow and black leotards we all came to associate xaviors mutants with.

Modeld my negasonic teenage warhead after burning off her sivies,

The seen took all comic book lovers back to our youths. Thank you marvel.

One small problem...

Check out the trailer for xmen apocalypse...... Notice the suite's?

All black futuristic modern awfulness. Personally I prefer the yellow and black as in grounds us back to the comics, I understand that there needs to be a modern input for all these wanna be geeks to feel goid about themselves,

What suits do you prefer?


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