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Recent reports have stated that Warner Bros. Pictures wanted David Ayer and Will Smith to return in 2017 for a sequel to Suicide Squad, the 3rd installment in the planned DC Extended Universe. Now this perceives confusion as the only 2 DC films set for 2017 are Wonder Woman in June, and Justice League Part One in November. Since Wonder Woman has been filming for 4 months, and Justice League begins filming next month, then there is simply no room for a Suicide Squad sequel to appear next year.

However it most likely a misinterpretation, and what they meant is that they would like Ayer and Smith to return for a 2017 Production. This would mean that the film would begin production in 2017 and be released sometime in 2018. This CAN work out because there is a space between Aquaman in July 2018 and Shazam in April 2019; so Suicide Squad 2 could land a Fall 2018 release date.

If so then we could see 2 versions of Task Force X within a 2-year period. But will they be the same criminals or will there be new ones: I say a bit of both! Here is who I think will be apart of the team in Suicide Squad 2 (Excluding Amanda Waller).

Returning Members:

1: Deadshot

This is obvious as Smith is one of two Warner Bros. wants for the sequel; not to mention that Deadshot is in almost every incarnation of the Suicide Squad.

2: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is practically the focus of the upcoming Squad movie as both pristine eye candy and one the most popular female villains of the DC Comics universe. Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street) was under pressure for getting the role right and it sure as hell looks like she nailed it.

3: Captain Boomerang

And of course, the comedic relief in Jai Courtney's (Divergent, A Good Day to Die Hard) Captain Boomerang is always needed in everyday situations that the Squad gets into. Plus, some said that Courtney's 3 funny moments in the last trailer (Screaming at cell camera, punching someone right after getting out of body bag, drinking random beer during fighting) were the scenes that would help Courtney steal the show next summer.

4: El Diablo

Of the other members that were drafted (Killer Croc, El Diablo, Enchantress, Slipknot, Katana, and Rick Flag), the only one that I think will return for SS2 will Jay Hernandez (Hostel, World Trade Center) as the pyrokinetic El Diablo. Hernandez was one first cast right after the main 6 (Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Enchantress, Rick Flag, and The Joker), so his role in Squad might be a lot bigger than what people expect.

New Members:

1: Vixen

The animal illusionist Vixen was apart of the original Squad in the comics and Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, had expressed interest in becoming Vixen for Suicide Squad 2, which I think is possible and would look really good.

2: Count Vertigo

There has to a highly intelligent member on the team; someone who could outsmart Waller at every turn and would dispatch his "teammates" whenever he wants. To me, I would pick Count Vertigo for the role. I haven't fan-casted him yet but 2 versions have already appeared on The CW's Arrow, portrayed by Seth Gabel (Fringe, Salem) and Peter Stormare (Until Dawn, The Last Stand).

3: Unknown Female

I haven't decided on this one or the next one so I will elaborate. The first SS film had three female members (not including Waller): Harley Quinn, Katana, and Enchantress. There should be the same amount or more for the sequel. I already say Harley Quinn and Vixen, but the third is not yet decided: possibly someone small like Black Orchid or Psi, or someone big like Plastique or Killer Frost.

4: Unknown Big/Monster-like Guy

Like the one above, there should be a big guy or monster on the team like Killer Croc. But I haven't narrowed down a choice yet: it could Blockbuster, it could be Parasite. Heck! It could even be King Shark! (whose rumored to have a cameo in the August release portrayed by Raymond Olubowale)

5: Black Manta?

The last choice is a tough one. Because of his membership in the most recent Squad comics, there is a slight possibility that the Aquaman Arch-nemesis Black Manta could make an appearence in the sequel. The only problem is that if SS2 is set for Fall 2018, that is right after the scheduled Aquaman solo film in July. And if Manta is the primary or secondary antagonist of the that film, the actor portraying him (who I have fan-casted Lucifer's D.B. Woodside for) would have to film back-to-back. And yes, Gal Gadot is currently filming Wonder Woman and when she's done that, its straight into Justice League. The difference is that the Wonder Woman film is set in World War 1 so it is a prequel while JL is in present day. So you would know that she would survive her film. But presumably Aquaman and Suicide Squad 2 would both be set in present day. So if we don't know his fate in Aquaman, it would be spoiled by set photos of Manta in SS2. A theory nonetheless.

Well those are my picks for SS2, do you agree? Tell me below!


Which Squad members should return?


Which Squad members should return?


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