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Gareth Cavanagh

Many gamers of a certain age have very fond memories of a game called Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Well, prepare to go into nostalgia overload as Krome Studios have been working on an HD remake for release on PC. The company released this trailer, teasing the remastered adventure game that is in the works:

I have a lot of great memories of this playing this game as a child on Playstation 2. What was great about it was the combination of the beautiful environments and the soundtrack. The music and the areas you could explore just made you want to hang out in that world, running around the Rainbow Cliffs or swimming around The Great Barrier Reef. The gameplay was really ahead of its time too, the boomerangs made for some really fun action and the visual of them flying around, taking out multiple enemies and coming back to you was really cool.

The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, it is something that I occasionally listen to when I want to relax or relive my formative years. Favourites from the album include Rainbow Cliffs, Ship Rex and Outback Safari. It will be great to hear that music again accompanied by locations and gameplay quirks that I remember so warmly. I will leave you with another video released by Krome Studios, which provides a look at an iconic location from the original game after the HD treatment. No word yet on when we will get out hands on the game but I will be sure to keep you posted.


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