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Reece Paquin

Hey everybody. Three weekends from now, we get what is the most anticipated film since Star Wars 7. I will list my predictions in terms of its domestic opening, domestic total, and worldwide total. First off, Batman Vs. Superman is a project that has been highly anticipated for a couple years. A lot of the reactions to the trailers have been mixed, though. People I have talked to have told me they would still see it anyway out of curiosity, despite their negative reaction to the trailer. There is enough cynicism to keep it from opening too high, but still enough anticipation to give it a really high opening. My prediction is that it will do battle with The Hunger Games for the highest opening weekend of March and if it barely opens higher than the Hunger Games, it will have the 10th highest opening weekend of all time domestically. That film opened to $152.5 million in 2012. Batman Vs. Superman seems likely to open at about that level because of a mix of cynicism and anticipation, but also because it is held back by Captain America: Civil War opening 6 weeks later and there seems to be no cynicism that I am aware of surrounding that film. That will also make Batman Vs. Superman pretty front loaded. It should, however, have enough worldwide appeal to push it past $1 billion worldwide, making it the first film to do so this year. Let me know what you think. I will have predictions for Batman Vs. Superman again just before it opens, but for now, here is what they are:

Domestic Opening Weekend: $155 million

Domestic Total: $365 million

Worldwide Total: $1.034 billion


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