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Most comic book shows last a couple years, or more, but some bite the dust way too early, or aren't in the right place. There are even some that don't get a first episode, but sound promising. And some of my options on this list are even rumored to get more, and I really hope they all happen. So, without further waiting, here are my top 9 comic book shows that need to be continued on Netflix!

Young Justice

There are actually talks for this one to get a Season 3 on Netflix, and they are saying that right now is the perfect time to binge watch it, because Netflix and Warner Bros. may actually consider a third season if enough people watch it. And as I'm writing this article, I'm also watching it. I have only seen Season 1, but I'm really excited for when I watch Season 2, because so far the show is awesome! This is one of two of my favorite animated comic book TV shows, and I really hope is gets a continuation. Also, I have to add this: What about a live action continuation? A couple years ago The CW (who make Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie) actually tried to make a live action adaptation, but weren't very successful. Just a small idea, but either way the show needs to continue, whether it's animated, or live action.

Agent Carter

Now, this show hasn't officially been cancelled, but it's kind of looking that way. I hope the show doesn't get cancelled, because I think it was just starting to get pretty good, and now when I go to watch it with my dad I'm usually excited about it, unlike Season 1. If the show ultimately bites the dust, then I think it should at least get a one more season on Netflix, because it needs to finish off with the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. and solve all of the cliffhangers from Season 1 and 2. It's just too soon for the show to get cancelled, just like my next option was . . .


Come on, you knew this was going to be on the list. One of my all time favorite comic books shows, Constantine. The show did continue in a way, when in Season 4 of Arrow Matt Ryan reprised the role of John Constantine, and it was revealed that John was on Lian Yu with Oliver for a little while. Now, I really want a Season 2 on The CW, or for Matt Ryan to be a main cast member in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, but if the show was to be continued on Netflix, I wouldn't be complaining.


Back in 2015, it was revealed that Zack Snyder has been talking to HBO about a live action Watchmen series. But ultimately, I think this is going to get cancelled, as nothing more has been said about the series since the announcement. But I think this series would work perfectly on Netflix. I think it could have the realistic tone of Daredevil, but also have superpowers and a team like The Avengers, and still be a great show. I do, however, want the show to be a prequel to the movie (I know, how dare I use the word prequel, because it seems the internet hates that word). Many people hate the movie, but that is one of my favorite films. I absolutely love the movie, and I think it's awesome. And because that movie was awesome (and because no one can replace Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jackie Earle Haley as the Comedian and Rorschach), I want to see the early days of the Watchmen, with some Minutemen in there. I actually wrote a separate article about this topic, if you want to check it out: Should the Watchmen TV Series Be a Reboot or Prequel Series?

The Spectre

In 2011, FOX said they were trying to develop a series centered on The Spectre. This never turned out to be, but Jim Corrigan did make an appearance on Constantine, and eventually Zed Martin told Jim about her vision of him becoming the Spectre. I think the old FOX series should turn into a Netflix series about the Spectre, but apart of the Arrowverse, starring Emmett Scanlan from Constantine. I also think a CW spin-off or Legends of Tomorrow would be fine, as well. Overall, I just want more of Scanlan's Spectre, and I think DC should do what Marvel is doing with Netflix, and have a couple series on Netflix themselves (even though I would want a Spectre show to be apart of the Arrowverse, not the movies).

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

This is my other favorite animated comic book series. It was a great take on the Avengers, and it was always fresh and new. The show told many stories from the comics, like Captain Marvel and the Kree, Secret Invasion, and Black Panther. My favorite part of the show (which is always my favorite part of animated comic book shows), was the amount of characters it introduced. Tons of Avengers, HYDRA, other heroes and villains, every episode had someone new! I didn't get the chance to finish the whole series while it was on Netflix, because for some stupid reason it left (if you know why please tell me). But I think the show should come back with a third season. I loved the series, and from what I hear, everyone else did.


This show got as far as a TV station and the characters being revealed, then it was scrapped. The TNT series would have been called Titans, or Blackbirds (because they couldn't come up with a name), and the characters would have been Dick Grayson, Oracle, Starfire, Raven, and Hawk & Dove. It sounded awesome, but I knew it would get cancelled. Though it does sound like DC has plans for the Teen Titans, and it's probably a movie. But I think a Netflix series based on this series with the same premise: "Dick Grayson emerging from Batman's shadow to become Nightwing, the leader of a band of heroes including Starfire, Raven, Oracle, and Hawk & Dove," would be awesome!


A couple years ago, The CW also tried making a series based on Hourman. While he may not seem that interesting, you're wrong. He is a great character, and a TV show based on him would very interesting. A CW series in the Arrowverse, or a role on Legends of Tomorrow would be great, but like I said, DC should do what Marvel and Netflix are doing, and have a couple series, maybe apart of the Arrowverse, like Hourman and The Spectre.


For years people have clamored for a Dredd 2, but now there are rumors of the series continuing on Netflix, starring Karl Urban. I actually haven't seen Dredd, though . . . yet. I'm going to watch the movie, and soon. I just watched the trailer and it looks amazing! I can see why so many people love it. I do know a little bit about it, and it sounds awesome! I really hope I can see the movie soon, 'cause it sounds great, and I hope it is continued on Netflix, because it sounds like there won't ever be a sequel.

There you have it! My top 9 comic book shows (and a movie) that should continue on Netflix. I really hope all of these are given a second chance, whether it's on Netflix, The CW, Hulu, other TV stations, or movies, because they're all great and deserve much more! I also hope you had as much reading this article as I did writing it, because it has become one of my favorite articles of mine, and I think it offers plenty of different ideas.

What comic book show or movie do you want to be continued on Netflix? Do you want any of my options do be continued? Please, let me know!


What comic book (or movie) show do you want to be continued


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