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Spider-Man may have his cemented place in the Marvel Universe, as well as his place at Sony Studios over the past 10 years, but it'll be Venom taking on an on-screen adventure of his own in the next Spider-venture. News broke recently from Sony, revealing that the 2017 line-up for a Spider-Man movie will follow Venom as the center character of the story instead of another iteration of Spider-Man. It is a good move for Sony to place more stock in an underutilized, fan-favorite character than trying to create another interpretation of a Spider-Man origin story, which has already been done twice. Venom is known to be the counterpart of Spiderman in Marvel Comics, the two are in no way duplicates of each other but they share a lot of the same qualities. Venom has most commonly been incarnated via the character of Eddie Brock, alongside Peter Parker as Spider-Man, both characters have been reporters for the Daily Bugle, as well as both being vigilante heroes, and taking upon the Venom Symbiote willingly to become physically stronger.

Venom(2017) will probably see more comic-book fans eager to view a more loyal adaptation of Venom than the one presented in 2008's Spiderman 3, played by Topher Grace. Topher Grace has done great things in television and film media but his portrayal as Venom wasn't his best play to date. However, Topher Grace's portrayal as Venom could be used as an example for what Venom(2017) needs to avoid. The new Venom movie must be adapted to showcase underutilized characters of the Marvel Universe,within the confines of Sony's Spider-Verse, alongside Venom characters such as Carnage or even Anti-Venom should show up some point Or an even better development for the film, could see the main character taking on 'a' Venom but not the titular anti-hero we'd expect to see. Sony could be making consistent adjustments to the Venom script before it's completion, one change that would definitely bring fans in would be the inclusion of two Venom characters in one the same film. Not saying there won't be a hint of confusion at first if the two Venom, or even more symbiotes are introduced in Venom(2017) but the difference in character personality could make the differences notable to fans, even with similar symbiotic characters existing alongside one another. The manner in which two Venom could exist in the same Spider-Verse could come from two sources. One source for these characters to exist on-screen together would be separate, symbiotes coming from the same source as Venom(i.e. alien species). Or two, Venom already being a confirmed character in the existing Spider-Verse, has had his anatomy analyzed and duplicated by scientists to create manufactured symbiotes . Regardless of their introduction, if it were to come to pass, a symbiote filled Spider-Verse could see anti-heroes becoming idolized like mainstream heroes such as Captain America instead of being viewed only as villains in their presiding worlds. Sony hasn't seen extraordinary success by following Spider-Man in film, a hero with a lot of conflicting philosophies and ideals but who always follows a code of ethics in the end, however showcasing an anti-hero as the main star who is capable of doing both good and bad action could see many a fan flocking to see Venom(2017). Back to the inclusion of multiple symbiotes in Venom(2017), Venom being known as a villain in most of his comic-book run has also gone on to be a hero in different forms as well. Flash Thompson took on the moniker of Venom by allowing a symbiote to augment his broken body to turn him into Agent Venom, as well as Eddie Brock, the original Venom allowing another symbiote to consume him and turn him into Toxin who fought Agent Venom, and there's also Eddie Brock allowing the Venom symbiote to be altered then reattached to him, creating the anti-hero known as Anti-Venom. There are more symbiote infused characters in the Marvel Universe that could exist alongside Venom but these are the most likely candidates for Sony if their plans to introduce Venom coincide with plans to create other symbiotic characters like Carnage. Carnage is the closest known associated character to Venom but a feature of the two fighting one another would just be another rehashing of Spiderman 3's fight between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. But if Venom(2017) were to star a buddy-duo between Venom and Carnage facing off against another symbiote, that would be a different departure for the Spider-Verse. The more sensible on-screen adaptation for the symbiotes to be the stars of Venom(2017) would have to be for the character of Eddie Brock, to have already been established as Venom in the Spider-Verse, having lost the symbiote to an unknown cause, looks for a way to get the symbiote back and ends up finding a scientist who has already been experimenting on duplicating the Venom symbiote, then the film would have to proceed with Eddie Brock willing to take on this manufactured symbiote to become Anti-Venom only after seeing that his original Venom symbiote is being used by a low-class villain capable of killing innocents in numbers. That would be an interesting story-arc for Sony to follow in adapting Venom to the big screen, successfully this time. For one, being a comic-book fan and a huge advocate for on-screen adaptations of comic-book titles, seeing Venom(2017) taking a different tone from superhero movies and going along the lines of Deadpool(2016) would make me eager to see the film as well as many other fans of the comics and movies. There is a larger demographic growing for the comic-book genre as well as the cinematic adaptations of these titles, even though it is expected that the trend for comic-book titles is bound to decrease with the number of comic book related movies hitting double digits every year. Unless more outside-thinking is done to bring characters like Venom to life in the upcoming films, then Venom(2017) is likely to be another Sony flop like Spiderman 3. Leave your thoughts below, who do you want to see in Venom(2017)??


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