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If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Some

These actors are absolutely extraordinary in the way they are able to look like fictional, or real life characters. There are a ton of actors who do a lot of research into the part they are about to play in a film, but to change nearly everything about themselves, and become that character physically, is a whole different ball game. Some of these actors are unrecognizable.

1. Johnny Depp - 'Black Mass'

Lets face it, Johnny Depp looks just fine the way he is, but his part in Black Mass was absolutely amazing. Taking away his brown eyes and replacing them with blue veneers was awesome, and jarring. If you had no idea who Johnny Depp was, you wouldn't know that those blue eyes weren't his. Depp's hair is full and flawless, causing him to look completely different with a blonde, receding hairline. Seriously Johnny, will you ever stop surprising us?

2. Heath Ledger - 'The Dark Knight'

We all know of Heath Ledger's Joker and how well he did in The Dark Knight. Prior to the role he was known for romantic characters like in his movie 10 Things I Hate About You. The preparation for The Joker was him spending a month in a hotel and creating a disturbing journal called 'The Joker.' Playing a character and going deep enough to drive you mad is definitely dedication.

3. Matthew McConaughey - 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Matthew McConaughey is another actor who has featured in many romantic comedies, but for this role in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew didn't take the role lightly. For his character, he had to look as though he had AIDS. He stayed in his Texas mansion to maintain a pale complexion and lost so much weight that he looked very sick. It was a surprise to see Matthew go this far, considering his roles in the past featured a buff, fit physique.

4. Christian Bale - 'The Machinist'

The Machinist was amazing and Christian Bale's weight loss had a lot to do with how successful it was. Bale played a man battling with guilt driven insomnia, and does very well at it. Losing 63lbs for the role in The Machinist, he is said to have only eaten an apple and a jar a tuna per day. To start Batman Begins he had only six weeks to put the weight back on, and he did it. That can't be good for your body.

5. Jared Leto - 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Playing along side of Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, Jared Leto takes his body to the limit. Losing about 40lbs and being a total weight of 114lbs for his part as Rayon. It is outrageous but did you know he also gained weight for another part, and I'm not talking good weight with a muscular stature, he put on about 67lbs to achieve his part in Chapter 27 as Mark Chapman, the man who assassinated John Lennon.

Maybe it's not the best to push your body in this way, it seems as though they had a lot of support behind them, though. Considering most of these actors who have risked their bodies and minds for parts, have won an Oscar. Matthew McConaughey won the Best Actor Oscar after his amazing transformation and portrayal in Dallas Buyers Club. Heath Ledger won a posthumous Best Supporting Actor award in his role as The Joker. Christian Bale didn't win an Oscar for The Machinist, though he did win for The Fighter, which consisted of him still being super skinny. If you have a dream go for it, is what I took from these dedicated actors, but make sure you do it the healthy way.


Whose transformation surprised you the most?


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